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What would you do with a day all to yourself?

11 replies

Jennyhatesjazz0 · 25/06/2017 14:55

I have a 5 month old DS so I certainly won't get a day to myself anytime soon but I want some inspiration for when I finally do! (Probably 3/4 months time)

OP posts:

Kiwi32 · 25/06/2017 15:03

Have a lie in. Have a long shower and pamper session. Leisurely breakfast with croissants and fresh fruit and the papers. Dress in light coloured clothes that do not have to provide easy boob access. Wear heels and accessorise with dangly earrings and necklace. Take ages doing the perfect eyeliner flick. Meet friends for a wander round the shops and lunch. Go to a hot yoga class. Have a massage. Go to the cinema. Come home and relax with dinner and a glass of wine. (I may need more than one day...)


flownthecoopkiwi · 25/06/2017 15:57

What kiwi said!


CountryCaterpillar · 25/06/2017 16:00



missymayhemsmum · 25/06/2017 16:00

A long walk with no whingeing, no negotiation about the route, no inane chatter, and nobody demanding I hurry up when I stop to catch my breath. Sit in the sun. Go for a swim. Go to the pub with friends


wibblypig1 · 25/06/2017 16:06

Morning: Sit on the sofa and read a book with the biggest box of chocolates I could find or go to the hairdressers and enjoy not looking at the clock and strssing about pick up time.
Lunchtime: Go out for some delicious lunch somewhere that doesn't serve kids and enjoy the feeling of not emptying out the change bag to find the weaning spoon and not giving a shit about the cleanliness of the high chairs or picking up the same toy off the floor 5268953257432 times
Afternoon: Shopping without having to worry about feed time/nearest changing facilities/nap time but then be a bit annoyed by lack of pushchair for bag carrying purposes
Late afternoon: Watch a tv programme without being interrupted, maybe 15 to 1 if it's still on
Evening: Slightly enjoy the feeling of crushing loneliness. Drown myself in wine. Go to bed with full make up on.


toffeeboffin · 25/06/2017 16:12

Go for long cycle ride.
Stop for a coffee and breakfast.
Home for long shower, legs shaved, fake tan etc etc.
Lunch with wine.
Another coffee in a cafe.
Maybe some shopping.
Home to relax.
Dinner and drinks with friends on a terrace.
Home to bed with a handsome stranger from the terrace


crazypenguinlady · 25/06/2017 16:17

Listen to rock music, loudly. Drink lots of hot tea. Have a long bath. Eat lots of cake and chocolaTe. Have a lovely meal with wine followed by whisky. Sleep a lot.


startwig1982 · 25/06/2017 16:19

What normally happens is that I spend the day cleaning. However, in fantasy land:
Slow breakfast with a pot of tea and the paper.
A good hilly walk ending in a pub lunch with wine.
Afternoon with either a swim outside or a bit of shopping (preferably for shoes)
Evening a chance to put something gorgeous on and have a lovely meal at a posh restaurant with DH where I don't have to drive, don't have to share my food etc.

A lot of food and wine!


kaytee87 · 25/06/2017 16:26

I've still not had a full day morning to night to myself and ds is 11 months Shock

I'd have a lie in, big leisurely breakfast, long bath with a book & facemask, fresh pjs on, watch some trashy films lying on the couch & order a pizza.

Option 2

Long lie, showered & get ready, go for lunch then a matinee at the theatre with my mum or a friend, then out for cocktails.


NapQueen · 25/06/2017 16:28

Get up and showered, pop out for breakfast and a read in a cafe. Home for a nap. Up and trip to the cinema with a whole tub of popcorn (cant remember the las time I didnt have to share). Walk home (30 mins) picking up a nice bottle of wine and some kettle chips for once dc is in bed.


Groupie123 · 25/06/2017 17:47

Slept until 1. Go for a walk. Coffee. Read a book.

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