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To think I can't do this.

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RoryPowers · 24/06/2017 22:23

DH got a new job that he starts in September. It is his dream job and will (eventually) mean a more comfortable lifestyle for us. He told me before he applied it would be one week training in September when he would need to be away from home.
Turns out it's actually a block of 8 weeks training. Leaving me with our baby who will be 4/5 months then. I will be back at work full time then but I am a teacher so work often comes home with me. As well as keeping the house in order I just can't see how I am going to cope! Any tips from people who do it alone will be gratefully received (I am so in awe of people who are raising families alone. The prospect of 8 weeks is terrifying me)

OP posts:

GnomeDePlume · 24/06/2017 22:35

Does it mean 8 weeks away solid or will he back at weekends?

Practically, if he is back at weekends then at weekends there is no 'who is tiredest', there is no criticism of what has or hasnt been done in the week. It is simply the case that you are a partnership and you both share the load.

If he is away for the the 8 weeks solid then can you look to get some extra help: ironing service, cleaner, babysitter.

On an emotional level I found that not counting the days helped.

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