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I had to use the restroom so bad I hit two cars side mirrors and now I'm terrified.

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Uniqueuser12345 · 24/06/2017 02:31

Okay. So not to sound nasty. But for some reason In the mornings i have real bad bowel movements. On my way to my destination, I really had to go.

Now. I'm in two little situations. I tried to squeeze my car into the turning lane in between the traffic to my left and park cars on my right. I thought I had enough room but apparently I did not as I barely clipped the car to my left (traffic side) But I completely demolished MY passenger side mirror on a truck.

The guy that was in traffic immediately pulled behind me and took a picture of my plates. I pulled over as did he. I told him it was 100% my fault but we only bumped mirrors. He said he just wants to make sure there isn't any scratches, which I guess there wasn't cause he checked and said "alright you're good"

So assuming everything is good i apologized again and I took off cause again, I reallly had to go. After I went to the nearest restroom I went back to the other car but it was gone. That's the one where I don't know if I caused any damage or not.

Idk what to do! It was so stupid of me for trying. I hate this problem I have.

Can the guy just make something up and call the cops on me even though we both got out and he said I was okay? My anxiety is through the roof.

OP posts:

hiddenmnetter · 24/06/2017 02:37

Insurance companies work on balance of probabilities. If he claims against you and you tell them your side of the story they'll go to bat for you. If he makes up something completely random he'll have to have some good evidence to disregard your version of events.

The truck probably DGAF. Take it to a mechanic somewhere and get the wing mirror fixed privately: small cost and what the insurance company doesn't know won't affect your premiums.


MrsTerryPratchett · 24/06/2017 03:01

Have you contacted the local police? Because you've left the scene of an accident if I'm reading it right.


haveacupoftea · 24/06/2017 03:06

Stop panicking, I doubt you'll be arrested for clipping a wing mirror.


Cantseethewoods · 24/06/2017 03:15

OP I don't want to be difficult, but are you in the US (parked cars on your right, traffic on your left plus some of your language choices), because if so, this probably isn't the place to ask about the legal situation of leaving the scene of an accident? It's unlikely many UK posters will be able to give you accurate advice.


highinthesky · 24/06/2017 03:48

It's unlikely many UK posters will be able to give you accurate advice.

Ah, but there is advice that applies universally, in all countries and all situations....LTB


highinthesky · 24/06/2017 03:52

OP, are your symptoms recent (presenting within the last 3 weeks) or normal for you?

The former, I would see your GP (family physician) to rule out anything more sinister; the latter is a case of waking up earlier and making clear time to evacuate your bowel in the morning before you leave home for the day. If you don't find some way of regulating your bowls movements you'll never be able to concentrate properly on the road.


hiddenmnetter · 24/06/2017 04:03

Good catch cantsee- passenger side wing mirror on the right hand side is the EU or idea what insurance companies are like in either!!


AcrossthePond55 · 24/06/2017 04:47

I'm in the US in case the OP is also. The requirement is to leave your contact information on any unoccupied car you hit.

Technically, what you did was 'hit and run', but I expect you know that. If by some chance someone saw you hit the other car and leave, they may have taken your license and reported it or put the info on the damaged car. You should probably contact the police and let them know what happened.

You really should see your doctor about your 'morning issues'. I have Coeliac and completely understand 'when you gotta go, you gotta go' but in your case your doctor may be able to help you.


SoupDragon · 24/06/2017 05:13

Does this mean the other driver was using his phone whilst driving?
Not sure what the US rules are on this.

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