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To encourage DD to move further away for uni?

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Worrrrrrrs · 23/06/2017 19:30

DD is now 20! Yes, 20! She had a bit of a delay in going to uni due to having to resit some subjects, she was then too anxious to go last year so took a year out to work and get some other experience on her CV. She now has some uni offers for a couple of unis. One is only a 15 min drive away and the other is an hour away.

We have both spoken about a lot and decided that she is best to move out (although she was unkeen) and go into halls, she wants to go to the closer uni though "so she can still see me at the weekend" I'm really unsure on this. She will be getting a loan and paying for accommodation and yet wasting so much of it to be at home when everyone else will be going out. She is worried that she is going to be so much older than everyone else in her flat.

AIBU to think going to the further away one is better? She is far enough to not come home at weekends, but close enough to still come home when she needs to?

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Rinkydinkypink · 24/06/2017 03:49

Yabu! If she's anxious why would you want to make it worse. Support her! She's doing well.

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