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Hospital cubicle next door being loud

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Kattatty87 · 23/06/2017 00:19

I am currently in GOSH with my 3 month old ds after he had surgery today. The cubicle next door have an ill little boy around 4/5 years.

Around 9pm i started trying to settle him as he had just had a good feed and pain relief.

He fell asleep over 10 times in this hour just to be woken up by the couple next to us being loud and having the tv booming.

At 1015 I politely asked them to turn the tv down and she seemed genuinely shocked that it was too loud but did turn it down however continued chatting with her presumed dh and dd (although she did keep telling him it was time to sleep but how she expected to achieve this when they were talking over him and had the tv on I have no idea)
1130pm myself and ds were woken by him screaming as the staff had to administer antibiotics. It goes without saying that this I completely understand after all I am in a hospital and my baby has been pretty screamy at times
in the past hour since then she has made
3 phone calls with the other person the speaker phone and is now chatting with her husband.

AIBU to want to go in there take her phone tell the pair of them to stfu and go to sleep?

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MinorRSole · 23/06/2017 00:21

Yanbu, being in hospital with your child is exhausting and you both need sleep! Selfish behaviour on their part, some people have no self awareness at all


Helbelle75 · 23/06/2017 00:21

This happened to us on the post natal ward and dh went to speak to the midwives who then spoke to the noisy lot. it's so inconsiderate isn't it.
Hope you get some sleep.


Foniks · 23/06/2017 00:25

Tell them again that it's late, it's a children's ward, do they mind putting headphones on for TV, not having phone on speaker and talking quietly. But say it firmly.
I don't think you even need to worry about being very polite either, you've been polite and they're beyond selfish and rude. They already know they're disturbing people and just don't care. I'm shocked anybody would behave like that!


Kattatty87 · 23/06/2017 00:26

I spoke to the staff and they have tried their best but short of them telling them to stfu I'm not sure what else can be done?

Their ds does seem very ill which does kinda beg the question how ill does a child need to be before they are given a private room so not to disturb the ward all night?

If they wake my ds again I may hand him over as they evidently don't need sleep Grin

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