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To ask what you would do... (work situation)

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moutonfou · 22/06/2017 22:36

I have anxiety and when I started at my current workplace, it spiralled massively out of control due to the pressure of a new place, new people, not knowing the rules (written and unwritten), being on a temp contract and wanting to make a good impression/not mess up, etc. I had a fairly prolonged relapse which I kept covered up at work because I didn't want to be seen as not coping.

After a few months, I realised that my workplace is totally open to mental health; it's high on the agenda and openly discussed. I opened up and got the support and understanding I needed.

Someone new has started - I'm not their manager but I've been tasked with getting them settled/showing them the ropes. I suspect from their behaviour that they may have anxiety or another MH issue. They are very nervous and apologetic, have alluded to being overwhelmed and past problems, and TBH I just recognise myself in them.

Would you say anything? Is there any way I can say - without making any assumptions - that if they do want to share anything, they are in an understanding environment and support will be given without judgement?

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PeaFaceMcgee · 22/06/2017 22:40

Of course! I would use appropriate self disclosure to demonstrate how you found the support useful yourself, e.g. "I was just thinking back to when I started and felt blah blah... such & such really helped - it's such a great supportive place to work"



harderandharder2breathe · 22/06/2017 22:42

My workplace has started a slightly cringey wellbeing drive, which covers mental health among other things. We get regular emails and it's mentioned in team meetings. My manager has done a course in mental health first aid (basically learning where to direct people for professional support)

If you have team meetings then I think that's a good way to bring it up in a general way, "just so you're all aware, the company has really good support for all kinds of things including mental health issues like anxiety and depression. To access this, you just [insert method here]." If it's confidential then say so. If you're comfortable sharing your own experience then do so briefly, but don't feel bad if you don't feel up to sharing that

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