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AIBU to expect some help from 10 year old dd?

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hopefullygood · 22/06/2017 21:49

So my 10 year old dd usually dries the dishes (not very well) and puts them away. I asked her to Hoover and there was no chance she was doing it! I don't think I am being unreasonable to expect some help around the house am I?

Also it's a major problem to get her to clean her room!

What house work of any does your 10 year old D.C.'s do?

OP posts:
Gindrinker43 · 22/06/2017 21:54

DS12 & 8, feed and walk dog, empty dishwasher, put food shopping away, get own breakfast, take bin bags out, load log basket, pull curtains.
DS 12 can make tea and toast and put things in the oven. Am I a slave driver or a lazy slut?

iamdivergent · 22/06/2017 21:55


DD1 (12)

Empties bins/takes wheelie bin out
Empties dishwasher/washes anything that doesn't go in the dishwasher
Cleans the downstairs loo once a month (wipes surfaces, mops floor)
Puts her washing away
Keeps her room tidy

DD2 (9)

Loads dishwasher/dries any hand washed dishes
Fills washing machine
Feeds pets
Plus she is on baby duty atm where she brings me his nappy bits when she is around and gets to choose his jammies (she loves this)
Keeps her room tidy
Makes her bed daily
Cleans the bathroom sink daily yucky toothpaste

But then a friend thinks I make them do too I really don't know Confused

Patriciathestripper1 · 22/06/2017 22:00

Dd 10
Cleans her room if play date coming
Feeds pig.
Puts away ducks and chickens
Feeds dog
Makes cups of teas for me and Dh
Tidys shoe pile (puts them in a neat tow once a week)
Mows front garden once a fortnight
Grooms, mucks out, feeds and excercises her own pony.
Makes breakfast on special occasions usually inedible

AdaColeman · 22/06/2017 22:06

As a child I had quite a few jobs that I was expected to do, including laying the fire and making tea and toast for Mum before I went off to school.
I hated and loathed all of them, and consequently I gave DS a very easy ride on housework, though I did teach him to cook.
I think keeping their room tidy and helping with pets is probably enough for a child to do, especially with the amount of homework they have these days.

thereallochnessmonster · 22/06/2017 22:10

Ds - 10 - sets the table for breakfast, gets his own breakfast if he's up early, gets his own snacks, loads or unloads the dishwasher every day, tidies his room and tidies his shit up. He will also do 'fun' things like weeding, washing the car, watering plants and he loves hoovering. Grin

Dd 13 used to be much more helpful. Now, not so much... Hmm

Cagliostro · 22/06/2017 22:19

DD sets up laundry (I still fill the machine but she does liquids etc), does tumble drying and has been putting her own laundry away a few years. She gets her own breakfast and often does lunch for her and younger DS.

Other stuff is just when we ask it really. But I don't actually think she does enough so we are gradually increasing what we expect regularly IYSWIM.

Love the idea of her choosing baby's jammies etc. She is super excited about DC3 due later this year, that'll be lovely if it's one of her jobs!

Foniks · 22/06/2017 23:05

DSD 11 does dishes, vacuums, tidies her things, helps cook dinner, sets up washing machine, sorts breakfast, sometimes makes DH and I coffee (not too often because I feel guilty if she does) makes her lunch, does cat food, tidies sitting room, mops, puts plates away.
Not all on the same day or in the same week of course, it's not an evil SM and Cinderella story.
She really enjoys doing some of them and will ask to do them, like feeding the cats, cooking dinner, making coffee and doing things with the plants...don't know what, that's her and DH, plants die if i go too close.

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