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To think there is zero point in veg past it's best

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Electrolens · 22/06/2017 19:56

Trying to use up veg for dinner (no kids) the broccoli in the fridge has started to go yellow round it's tips/bobbly bits. I am v partial to broccoli but am I right in thinking a) this will now have zero nutritional content and b) will taste a bit crap. Jury's out.

OP posts:

FuckingSausageFingers · 22/06/2017 19:58

Hard to tell without a pic. I'm normally fairly meh about these things and hate waste but it all depends HOW yellow.


LiveLongAndProspero · 22/06/2017 19:59

All the nut;ritional content doesnt; just disappear be;cause its a bit wrinkly! Just eat it;;;;;;;;;;;;;.


FuckingSausageFingers · 22/06/2017 20:00

Also it will most likely have SOME nutritional content and taste-wise it depends what you're doing with it. Covered in a nice thick cheesy sauce would I imagine be lots better than on its own on the side of the plate.


Birdsgottaf1y · 22/06/2017 20:00

I buy all the veg I can frozen, because even after a day, the nutritional content drops.

It still bulks a meal out and makes you feel full, though.


Electrolens · 22/06/2017 20:10

You're right. Will cook and if it looks mingling just won't eat.

No cheese sauce sadly - side to salmon, already have green beans

OP posts:

LiveLongAndProspero · 22/06/2017 20:33

I buy all the veg I can frozen, because even after a day, the nutritional content drops

Not much it doesn't. Depends on the veg.


TheDogAteMyGoatskinVellum · 22/06/2017 20:42

Got any chilli or garlic to cook it with? Might help.


Groupie123 · 22/06/2017 21:12

It still has soluble fibre & so is worth eating.

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