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Fed up with no one doing as I ask and/ or not doing what they say they will!

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VelvetSpoon · 22/06/2017 08:38

Is it just me?

It's just happened again which has made me realise that it is constant!

At the weekend I ordered a fairly expensive item from Amazon. Meant to be delivered on Mon. On Mon I get something saying it will arrive Tues. Nothing arrives. Weds morning I check my email and see it's been delivered to a house at the other end of my road. So not to me, or my specified safe place. I've knocked 5 times now, no answer and looking thru the window the house looks unoccupied. Amazon have said they'll sort it but in the meantime I'm money down with no item!

My car is in the garage. When I dropped it in they said it'd be ready by Fri. On Fri they said they'd call with an update Mon/ Tues. Nothing since!

I had a plumber (who's a friend of a friend and highly recommended) round last Mon to look at a job. He says he'll be in touch by the end of the week. Nothing.

At work, I am responsible among other things for writing training material which is delivered by me or others. I spend a fair bit of time chasing managers to confirm it's been delivered, despite making it clear this is essential at the outset, or (where I am delivering) to give me dates I can attend.

Finally there's my DC (teens) who can, and do, do some housework yet cannot remember to ever put a plate, cup or glass in the sink, despite constant reminders, or to bring any such items down from their room. Like at work, having to repeatedly chase for the same thing over and over is so irritating!

This is just the last fortnight, there's definitely more though. So aibu?

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CaoNiMartacus · 22/06/2017 09:33

YANBU. It seems to be a major effort these days for anyone to actually fucking do anything a) on time, b) well, c) at all.

shuffles off grumpily

VelvetSpoon · 22/06/2017 12:36

I really can't bear it. I honestly don't think I'm asking too much.

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