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To feel absolute full on rage

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slinkymolinki · 21/06/2017 21:08

So on the hottest and longest soddjng day of the year our retired next door neighbour decides to start doing some noisy gardening and DIY work in his small back garden, which is next to 9 o'clock at night.

It's so noisy - think spade scraping on paving stones, banging and crashing. Inbetween the crashing him and his wife are bellowing at each other 'can you pass this' do you want some tea' even though they are about two feet from each other. Oblivious to all around them.

Impossible or us to sit in our garden without being annoyed and also son can't have his bedroom window open.

Am feeling rage - red hot - probably due to hot London commute home.


OP posts:
JeReviens · 21/06/2017 21:09

YANBU. Very anti-social.

Is it time to crack out the gangsta rap at full volume?

Phosphorus · 21/06/2017 21:10

That doesn't sound particularly bad to me.

I really can't understand people getting so worked up about perfectly normal noise.

bimbobaggins · 21/06/2017 21:12

Yab a bit u . Pershaps he's finding it too hot to do it during the day

junebirthdaygirl · 21/06/2017 21:13

Maybe they needed to wait until it was cool to do bits. Give them a break. Old people find the heat difficult. Im out the country and there are tractors flying up and down breaking my peace but what can l do..they need to work.

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower · 21/06/2017 21:14

My new neighbours have been doing this too, but I'm hoping it's short term. I don't want to fall out with them, but surely they don't need to build a fucking shed at 9pm on a Wednesday night. 😖

madcatwoman61 · 21/06/2017 21:15

So you think an elderly couple should be out in their garden at midday in 30 degree heat gardening? I was weeding my garden at 9pm last night so that I could put the garden waste out with the bins this morning. Far too hot to do it any earlier. Are they deaf perhaps? Maybe that's why they are shouting. The heat wave will finish soon enough, and it's only one evening out of your life

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower · 21/06/2017 21:18

Oh fgs, op didn't say they were weeding. Nobody would mind normal gardening once it's cooled off a bit

slinkymolinki · 21/06/2017 21:19

True..I did think that. A tiny bit of me is BU. But they are always doing it. Outside in their garden every night in the summer getting pissed, then arguing and dropping plates etc. Not in an intimidating way, but posh bumbling. Their garden is surrounded by low trees and creates and echo too. I am really sensitive to noise and I just want one night when they STFU!

And now he's hammering! God know what he is doing as I said their garden is tiny and he's been hammering most summer nights for the past 5 years!!

Oh god! I sound like such a grumpy cow!

OP posts:
missiondecision · 21/06/2017 21:20

It's been too hot to do much until now.
Don't begrudge them some time organising their shit.

missiondecision · 21/06/2017 21:21

Oh bugger the update changes things slightly.

Floggingmolly · 21/06/2017 21:26

That's hardly normal noise Hmm. Start watering your lawn, op, and "accidentally" lose control of the hose and aim it over the fence. Right into their mugs of tea.
That should cool things down.

Westray · 21/06/2017 21:39

Get earplugs. They have changed my life.

AntiGrinch · 21/06/2017 21:39

Noise is so tricky. I am very sensitive to noise and a lot of normal things become unbearable when they are relentless. I had a bad weekend a couple of weeks ago and have been on high alert since; really people are ok round here. In general. but if people won't STFU for at least some of the time in any given day, it makes me a bit mental.

I had a piano in a flat once and went round telling all the neighbours "I won't play at night, I won't play too early, I won't play too long, but please tell me if for any reason you just want me not to play right now and I won't argue or ask why, I will just stop."

I wish we could have a convention like that with all noise. just an emotional plea that: ok you aren't killing people, ok, 9.30 pm isn't late, but just today, for my own reasons, I can't stand another second of this, so as a favour for me can you please do whatever the fuck you are doing another day and not today?

we do not have that convention. I never dare ask.

Mummmy2017 · 21/06/2017 21:40

Clasical music, on quiet loud, most people hate it...

When they complain, tell them it's to drown out their noise.

Mrsglitterfairy · 21/06/2017 21:41

I second JeReviens crack out the gangsta rap! I agree that there's no need at this time of night. They could do it at 9am when it's also not too hot

mineofuselessinformation · 21/06/2017 21:49

I'd actually just go out and ask how much longer they will be. If asked why, say that your son is trying to sleep. If they're reasonable, they will give you a time limit or just apologise and stop.
I wouldn't mind betting they don't realise how loud they're being unless they're total arses.

bimbobaggins · 21/06/2017 22:01

I'll take back my yab a bit u, all bets are off if they are hammering!

Spangles1963 · 21/06/2017 22:15

He's been hammering most nights for the last 5 years? It never ceases to amaze the way some people seem to be constantly doing DIY. The NDN to my late DM was like this. He was a builder by trade,and didn't we just know about it. Being self-employed he was at home quite a bit during the day,so all bloody day from 8am onwards we could hear scrape scrape scrape of a shovel,constant hammering and sawing and bloody cement mixer going non-stop. Then he'd be at it all weekend too. Used to drive me barmy. This was back in the late 70s/early 80s,and I left home in 1982 when I was 19 to get married to get away from his shit. More recently,where I live now,we had new neighbours move into the flat underneath us back in the summer of 2011. I knew the previous tenants had left the place in an awful state,full of botched DIY jobs (that seemed to go on for the whole 11 years they were there). So I was expecting another marathon session. To my amazement,it was all finished in about 3 months,only at weekends,and with minimal disturbance to us. Smile

Ethylred · 21/06/2017 22:19

The rage? Such a sexist term.

IrritatedUser1960 · 21/06/2017 22:20


ThePinkOcelot · 21/06/2017 22:23

Hottest day?! Where? Certainly wasn't here!

superking · 21/06/2017 22:27

I can beat that... People down the road from us decided this would be a great evening for a bonfire ffs. Every window in the house open to try to get some air in and we get smoke instead Angry

DH went round to have a word and they were very apologetic and put it out, but seriously???

Motherof3beautfulgirls · 21/06/2017 22:29

Currently have the other half outside banging in a new washing line. Far too hot to do it during the day you say 'retired' implying he's home all day.... when I reality then he is a elderly man, poor guy wouldn't cope in this heat

EnidButton · 21/06/2017 22:31

Burying a body.

slinkymolinki · 21/06/2017 22:35

They're not elderly -in the mid 60s and quite sprightly...anyway they are still out there jabbering and arguing away. I'm off to bed. The kids are asleep now so all good on that front. Thanks MN for letting me vent.

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