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PurplePancake · 20/06/2017 23:26

I moaned about her on here many a time, moaned to my friends about her even more!
But today my mil died. She wasn't the best mum to my DH but she was a good grandmother to my dd.

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jollyjester · 20/06/2017 23:30

Flowers for you OP.

I'm sure you feel very conflicted. Just because someone has died it doesn't necessarily mean all the things that happened are instantly forgotten.

Just concentrate on being there for you DH and DC.

PurplePancake · 20/06/2017 23:34

That's exactly how I feel. I'm sad for DH but I don't feel overly upset otherwise and that makes me feel guilty.

OP posts:
ohfourfoxache · 20/06/2017 23:38

No guilt necessary or required Purple Thanks

It was what it was, and just because you're not overwrought with grief it doesn't mean that you have a single thing to feel bad about

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