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I've just ordered a pair of Slentertone shorts which arrived today.

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bumblebee50 · 20/06/2017 21:20

Now I know this is a lazy way of toning, however, I have had the shorts in the past (they must be over 10 years old) and they definitely work. I thought I would get a new pair as the technology would be improved. When I tried to get them on I couldn't get them up my thighs. Strange I thought as I didn't have a problem with the old pair. I have just checked the size and they fit a 6 to 12. This seems to be the only size they do. I'm a size 14 but surely if I was a 6 to 12 I wouldn't need the pigging things in the first place. AIBU?

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WorraLiberty · 20/06/2017 21:25

YABU a bit yes.

I mean if you're implying that everyone size 6 - 12 are all slender?


Smellyrose · 20/06/2017 21:26

What are they?


bumblebee50 · 20/06/2017 21:36

They are shorts or a belt which tone up your thighs or backside or your stomach muscles. You can feel the muscles contracting and I know for a fact that they work over a period of weeks. I suppose no everyone of a six 6 to 12 is slender but I would have thought it was the size 12 plus women that would be looking for more help.

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