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WIBU to take my picker and harvest these fruits?

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GoodyGoodyGumdrops · 20/06/2017 18:24

There are council-planted fruiting trees on our streets and at the entrances to places like leisure centres. Nobody picks the fruit, and every year it falls to the ground, wasted.

WIBU to take my picker and harvest the trees?

I have no hesitation harvesting brambles and elderberries etc from hedgerows, or picking a few low-hanging fruit from the 'public' trees to eat as I walk along, but actually harvesting from the trees with an implement seems...I dunno...cheeky?

OP posts:

WorraLiberty · 20/06/2017 18:26

Ask what the council's policy is, maybe?


DoJo · 20/06/2017 18:26

Why not contact the council and ask?


GoodyGoodyGumdrops · 21/06/2017 07:02

They never harvest.

It's the sort of thing where, if you ask permission, some ignorant jobsworth would likely say "No". But would there be any real reason not to?

OP posts:

RickOShay · 21/06/2017 07:03

I would. Could you share the fruit somehow?


Floralnomad · 21/06/2017 07:05

I'm sure it will be fine , we have a community orchard near us and you are allowed to pick whatever but you are supposed to just take what you will use i.e. Not fill the freezer / pick to sell .


Highalert · 21/06/2017 07:09

I would too. People pick the cherrys apples and plums from the trees on council land where I live.


InMySpareTime · 21/06/2017 07:15

Pick them!
I forage fruit locally, as long as you don't take all the fruit or damage the tree (or any property while picking) you'll be fine.
Perhaps your local food bank would appreciate a glut of fruit as long as they have notice.


user1492287253 · 21/06/2017 07:21

beg forgiveness if need be. always preferable to asking permission


GhostCurry · 21/06/2017 07:24

I would pick everything that is ripe, take what you will use, and put the rest in a box underneath the tree, with a wee sign saying "take me" or "free" or whatever


Mothervulva · 21/06/2017 07:26

Pick it.


OohMavis · 21/06/2017 07:30

Are you sure they're eating apples?


Hereward1332 · 21/06/2017 08:39

If you ask the council for permission they will say no. Giving permission means that they could be liable for any accidents.

Just pick what you will eat unless someone objects.


InfiniteSheldon · 21/06/2017 08:50

I think taking some is fine, taking all is wrong.


Dawndonnaagain · 21/06/2017 08:53

Pick some but leave for others, please.


TheWhiteRoseOfYork · 21/06/2017 08:57

Are they on the side of a road? I am not sure I would want to eat them as they will have been contaminated by car exhausts fumes. Unless it is some v. quiet country lane with 1 car every six hours or something.


SleepOhHowIMissYou · 21/06/2017 09:10

I'm not sure that scrumping (picking other people's apples) laws apply to public spaces? Try googling scrumping and see what you find.

Seems a shame for the fruit to waste, and why should a cultivated plant (apple/plum/pear) be any different under law than a wild blackberry bush on common land?


GoodyGoodyGumdrops · 21/06/2017 13:04

I like ghostcurry's idea.

OohMavis, all apples are eating apples, even if you have to cook them first.

OP posts:

OohMavis · 22/06/2017 19:17

I was thinking more along the line of crab apples, which can do a very convincing impression of normal, edible apples...


user1489434024 · 22/06/2017 19:52

You can make an nice jelly with crab apples. To accompany meats.

Yes. I'd pick what you need without asking for permission. In the unlikely event someone tells you off for doing so just play dumb and promise never to do it again.

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