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To think if a first date goes well, you kiss?

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Kezi4 · 20/06/2017 11:28

Please settle a debate!

My friend is a serial dater who has a long history of only liking women who aren't interested. He always thinks first dates have gone excellently, despite a complete lack of physical contact, then is shocked by the 'let's just be friends' text. I think a kiss at the end of a first date is a way to signify you're both interested - doesn't have to be a full-on snog.


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silkpyjamasallday · 20/06/2017 13:59

I've only really been on one proper first date with a man I didn't know as a friend beforehand, and yes we kissed a lot on our first date, but I don't think it wouldn't have progressed even if we hadn't had a physical interaction. I was just out of a 4 year long distance relationship with a terrible sex life and was insanely attracted to him, so much so I slept with him on the second date several times. Blush If there is chemistry I would assume a snog would occur and I might have assumed they weren't that into me if it didn't happen but I wouldn't have given up hope if there wasn't a kiss. It's if they don't contact you at all that I would be worried.

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