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Teachers treatment of this little boy is shocking!

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LiquidCosh · 19/06/2017 23:22

This a case local to me although I will say I am not personal involved in any way. Basically for anyone not wanting to click on the link a mum has sent her autistic son of five years old into school with a recording device in his bag. This was after a full year of sending him in crying and hysterical every day for no apparent reason and she had asked the teacher many times if any thing was wrong etc. The video she has posted is the answer as to why her sons behaviour had changed do drastically but for anyone a little sensitive it is maybe a good idea not to listen to the recording as it is quite shocking!án-265764880565168/?fref=ts
You need to read the mums first post for context then scroll down past a few posts to listen to the actual recording

OP posts:
LiquidCosh · 19/06/2017 23:38

Sorry should have said for anyone that doesn't want to listen to the recording it is basically 3 minutes of the teacher screaming and shouting at him, calling him a bold boy. telling him his mummy and daddy are sick of him and on and on. He's only 5 Sad

OP posts:
planbatman · 19/06/2017 23:41

Absolutely wild, both the recording and the subsequent retirement...

LiquidCosh · 19/06/2017 23:43

Agreed! The school were obviously going to let her retire into the sunset without a blemish on her record. That is unacceptable. I think she should be prosecuted. This is verbal and emotional abuse of a minor

OP posts:
Foniks · 19/06/2017 23:47

How upsetting Easter Smile
I'm so sick of people like that being able to just retire and not face any real consequences too. At least this one is out in the open.

Foniks · 19/06/2017 23:47

Not Easter Smile was meant to be Sad, obviously

LiquidCosh · 19/06/2017 23:49

That poor boy faced that every day for a year!!! No wonder he was crying and didn't want to go into school Sad

OP posts:
Mushypeasandchipstogo · 19/06/2017 23:55

She should definitely be prosecuted. Unfortunately I know first hand that treatment of children with SN in primary schools, especially faith schools,
is not what it should be.

Mushypeasandchipstogo · 19/06/2017 23:56

I should add all credit to the poor boy's mum for doing this.

LiquidCosh · 20/06/2017 00:00
OP posts:
LiquidCosh · 20/06/2017 00:03

Yes mushy the mum comes across really well given the circumstances.

OP posts:
Evilstepmum01 · 20/06/2017 00:04

Absolutely heartbreaking. That would be bad enough for a child without SN. Good for his mum for exposing this. I truly hope the vile teacher is prosecuted and/or is reprimanded for this.

StillMedusa · 20/06/2017 00:09

Just horrible. She should be prosecuted.
But this is not normal. I work with children of a similar age with autism and we are NOT anything like this. Ever! I love my little class. We celebrate every achievement, we have strippers, and smearers and very challenging behaviour and we help the children very gently to cope in better ways.
I'm knackered by the end of every day but can say that hand on heart it is NOT like that!

LiquidCosh · 20/06/2017 00:10

Is it really that common mushy? I had thought this would be very rare for a teacher to behave like this. On the video you can hear the teaching assistant agreeing with the bitch when she is telling the poor boy that he is too bold to go on the school trip!
I think she too needs to be prosecuted. She stood by and watched this happen for a full year and never reported it! WTF!!

OP posts:
LiquidCosh · 20/06/2017 00:12

School should be a place where we can send our children and expect them not to be abused like this! How terible for the mother to think that her wee son was subjected to this daily

OP posts:
LiquidCosh · 20/06/2017 00:16

I wonder did the school think they could just brush this under the carpet and hope everyone would forget about it? I hope the mum takes it all the way to education and library board and whoever is in charge there to see what they think!

OP posts:
Mushypeasandchipstogo · 20/06/2017 00:21

I don't pretend to have a wide knowledge of all the Primary schools near me but I have friends with autistic children who have been to 3 different (faith) schools and I have been horrified as to some of the things they have told me. In one case a parent volunteer, listening to a boy read, walked out of the classroom as she couldn't stand the teacher repeatedly screaming at a child for a good 30mins.

LiquidCosh · 20/06/2017 00:25

My SIL's son who has aspergers was there when we were discussing this yesterday, he's grown up now but he quite casually said "oh that happened a lot at my primary school" We both looked at him like wtf! really?? His primary was also a catholic maintained school for what its worth.

OP posts:
NonnoMum · 20/06/2017 00:28

In her defence (if I may) - she sounds like she's on the brink of a nervous breakdown...

WorraLiberty · 20/06/2017 00:36

OP, this is absolutely awful and yes she and the TA should be prosecuted imo.

Mushy I'm not picking on you (honest!) but when you said...Unfortunately I know first hand that treatment of children with SN in primary schools, especially faith schools, is not what it should be.

I'm sure you meant some primary schools.

I mean just one is one to many obviously, but there are some excellent primary schools including faith schools who go above and beyond to cater for every child's needs.

HulkJuice · 20/06/2017 00:44

I have been a lurker on this site for a long while now (never registered)

My 6 year old son has recently been diagnosed with Aspergers, but luckily he is able to stay at prep school

I keep asking myself why is that wicked woman working with children who have special needs? her heart is obviously not in it, it makes me wonder how she sleeps at night Sad

And I can't believe that she hasn't been arrested.

LiquidCosh · 20/06/2017 00:45

I don't think that can be used in her defence nonno as if she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown she should have had herself signed off sick long before she got to the stage of screaming in the face of a 5 year old

OP posts:
User02 · 20/06/2017 00:47

If that was my child I would have her hanging from the school railings. How dare a so called teacher treat a child like this. The fact that the boy is autistic is all the worse. Don't retire her, get down to the police station and get them to sort it out. I heard the Irish police can be fearsome. She needs a dose of her own medicine.
Furious on behalf of the boy

LiquidCosh · 20/06/2017 00:51

At the beginning of the recording he is crying because he doesn't want to be on the "dark cloud" He's only 5.... I don't think dark clouds and naughty benches etc are appropriate for this age group especially for children with SN

OP posts:
WorraLiberty · 20/06/2017 00:53

I agree

'On the verge of a nervous breakdown' is not a defence.

There is no defence here, including the TA who by choosing not to follow the Whistle Blowing policy, is just as guilty.

MrsOverTheRoad · 20/06/2017 01:10

I want to share this but I can't! I have two close friends with toddlers who have autism and this will make their blood run cold. That utter COW needs to be in court!

She needs to be prosecuted for abuse!

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