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Is DH or DD being unreasonable? Sleeping downstairs/snoring related.

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19thJune2017 · 19/06/2017 17:15

It's very hot in the upstairs of our house. DD is 17 and can't stand the heat. She plans on sleeping downstairs tonight and so does DH. We have 2 sofas so not an issue with that. However, DH does snore. Genuinely don't know how to resolve this! Who is BU? DD says she should get the downstairs because she said first but DH pays the bills!


OP posts:
Augustbabyyeah · 19/06/2017 17:17

Excuse me but where do you come in? It's their problem, let them sort it out. If you must say something, suggest getting some massive fans for the bedrooms.

19thJune2017 · 19/06/2017 17:19

Because how else will it be resolved?

There is fans in all rooms.

OP posts:
Augustbabyyeah · 19/06/2017 17:19

Not your problem.

19thJune2017 · 19/06/2017 17:20

Of course it is when they start moaning and keep me awake.

OP posts:
Augustbabyyeah · 19/06/2017 17:20

Ear plugs.

Augustbabyyeah · 19/06/2017 17:21

Seriously, it really isn't up to you to sort it out.

Justmadeperfectflapjacks · 19/06/2017 17:21

Toss a coin for the front room?

19thJune2017 · 19/06/2017 17:21

I don't have any. What's your problem anyway? Lots of people post threads about other people in their family and don't get this kind of response Confused

OP posts:
BrutusMcDogface · 19/06/2017 17:22

Did you post before about your daughter not liking your husband snoring on the sofa when he comes in from work? Hmm

I totally agree that you should just let them work it out for themselves, though. Your husband is an actual adult, after all.

BrutusMcDogface · 19/06/2017 17:24

They can both sleep on the sofa. If husband keeps daughter awake by snoring, she goes upstairs.

harderandharder2breathe · 19/06/2017 17:25

Leave them to sort it themselves

earplugs for DD

Loopytiles · 19/06/2017 17:27

Keep out of it: head to the sauna upstairs and leave them to resolve it.

Butterymuffin · 19/06/2017 17:28

Put a chair under your door handle to block it and enjoy having the bed and fan to yourself (if husband goes downstairs, that's his choice but the fan stays put). If they squabble, they don't need to wake you. Neither of them is 5 years old.

19thJune2017 · 19/06/2017 17:28

No? I've never posted about them before.

We don't have earplugs.

Yes, that's all I was asking. Should DD have to go to her bed or DH his.

OP posts:
ChicRock · 19/06/2017 17:31

The way I see it, your DD has a choice - she can potentially be kept awake by the heat or potentially kept awake by snoring.

Would I fuck have a 17 y/o dictating who sleeps where.

Clalpolly · 19/06/2017 17:32

If she were younger I might offer advice. She's 17. He's whatever age he is. Let them sort it out.
Take a nice long cool bath.

BrutusMcDogface · 19/06/2017 17:32

Yes I do think the parent trumps the child in this scenario.

How bizarre that there was such a similar thread before! Deja vu!

Heratnumber7 · 19/06/2017 17:38

DD can buy her own ear plugs surely

Pengggwn · 19/06/2017 17:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

creamycrackers · 19/06/2017 17:44

OP....STARFISH!!!! let them argue between themselves and you take advantage of the extra space.

Not the same but I have been the one sleeping downstairs for months because I can't cope with DH's snoring anymore and I would give anything for him to take the sofa so I can have a good nights sleep in bed.

NoSquirrels · 19/06/2017 18:13

There's no "sorting out" required though, OP.

You have 2 sofas, one for DH, one for DD. They can both sleep downstairs.

DH's snoring is neither here nor there - DD can choose to endure the snoring downstairs, or the heat upstairs.

Alternatively, tell them you're sleeping in the living room and the rest of them can bugger off upstairs.

EyeHalveASpellingChequer · 19/06/2017 18:18
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