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Days off

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TwoTeaTessie · 18/06/2017 22:04

So this weekend I have been away, earning some extra money by providing childcare for a church event. As a result it meant that DH had to look after DD(5) from after school Friday to tea time today. Our DS (13) Came with me.
He booked Friday off as he had to be home early to pick her up (though my mum would have done this as it's our usual arrangement) and has then announced that he has booked tomorrow off as well..

This has pissed me off greatly. I work in a school so don't have this luxury of booking a day when no ones home and days without children/jobs are few and far between.

I would have minded a lot less if I had come home to a spotless house where everything was ready for tomorrow, but next to nothing has been done apart from the kids uniform has been washed.

Am I wrong to be pissed off about this? I will also add that this is not the first time that this has happened.

OP posts:

WineIsMyMainVice · 18/06/2017 22:07

Sorry to hear this.
When it happened ,sat time did you talk to him about it? What did he say?


WineIsMyMainVice · 18/06/2017 22:08

Last time


GreenTulips · 18/06/2017 22:11

Not at all - seems like the house needs a good clean and tidy up - he'll have all day to complete the list


Sofabitch · 18/06/2017 22:11

Just say, thats great you took the day off to catch up on the house work :)

Yabu to expect him not to book time off just because you can't. Its gorgeous weather.


TwoTeaTessie · 18/06/2017 22:13

Last time was in January when I went away with my sister.

Last time I let it slide as DD can be high maintenance and he's not the most active of people, so I admit at that point I was making a rod for my own back.

He just doesn't seem to realise how much I actually do, and up until 6 months ago I was doing weekends on my own as he had shift work and was rarely off on a weekend.

OP posts:

TwoTeaTessie · 18/06/2017 22:15

I don' t begrudge him days off, just the timing of this one. And the fact he hasn't mentioned it until now and the way he declared it:
Both laid in the sofa
DH- I wonder what time in work tomorrow?
Me- looks up
DH - oh yeah that's right I'm not.

OP posts:

pickledonionspaceraider · 18/06/2017 22:23

I don't see the problem OP, sorry - its not put you out or anything if anything I can see a bit of envy here if I am honest - and the fact he hasn't mentioned it until now.


Sweetnessishere · 18/06/2017 22:33

Sounds like my DH, I can't think of a day I have taken off just for me in a long time (unless you count holidays), however DH travels for work and so gets extra days in lieu plus an awful lot of annual leave. He often takes days off and rarely achieves anything


MissJC · 19/06/2017 10:42

Yabu to expect him to not have days off just because you can't as the weather is glorious. If you work in a school do you not get the summer holidays off? I would rather have a long break like that than a sporadic child free day.

However...yanbu on the lazy man child front because I would be seething too if no housework got done, even if it was just washing the pots and wiping kitchen down. Every little helps when you have LOs.

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