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Model United Nations at Uni

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YippeeTeenager · 18/06/2017 13:41

Do any of you have student children that are involved in MUN at university? DD loves MUN and it's a big part of her decision making as to which universities to apply to, but we're really struggling to find out which unis have thriving MUN societies and attend lots of conferences, both in the U.K. and internationally. Any advice about your own DC's involvement in MUN at uni would be really helpful. Thanks Smile

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LIZS · 18/06/2017 13:50

Ds went to the one in New York in March - only 3 UK unis present RHUL, Reading and another he can't remember! Had a great time both preparing and being there. His team was through the Politics Soc but the Diplomatic Soc also participate in others overseas like Canada. Imperial hosts the London one.

YippeeTeenager · 18/06/2017 13:59

Thank you LIZS, that's really helpful. We're going to lots of Uni Open Days at the moment, but it's proving impossible to find out such specific info. If your DS can tell us any more about which U.K. Unis have active, good teams that would be wonderful. Or if there are any central websites that give details of conferences and clubs at university level?

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scottishdiem · 18/06/2017 14:08

This might help:

YippeeTeenager · 18/06/2017 14:32

Thank you scottishdiem. That's fantastic, we'll have a good look through later and follow the links to the separate clubs. Thanks for taking the time to send it through.

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