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Royal borough of kensington and chelsea

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HopefulMog · 17/06/2017 20:48

"Silence: The scene at Kensington and Chelsea town hall
Donations have been arriving, but there is no one official in sight at Kensington and Chelsea town hall, as Laura Trant reports."

AIBU to be surprised that there is no one at RBKC town hall dealing with this emergency? What about distributing the goods? Where the man or woman with a plan?

I thought that we the tax payers pay the council to work for us the public.

I'm confused.

I have ranted endlessly about Theresa May today but where is Sadiq Khan? Why isn't anything being properly coordinated?

WTF is going on?

This is a humanitarian crisis. How can it be that the country I love and am proud of is not able to deal with this incident?

Also, AIBU to far that should an large scale terrorist attack happen the government would deal with it as appallingly as with the Grenfell Tower fire?


OP posts:
NoLoveofMine · 18/06/2017 21:21

Yes BigChocFrenzy that's what I've read has happened and apparently they said it had on Channel 4 News as well (moving responsibility for humanitarian efforts).

HarveySchlumpfenburger · 18/06/2017 21:23

W.R.T.the British Red Cross this is part of their normal remit. Although I think with fires most of their experience may be on a smaller scale they do have experience of organising larger scale support in this country.

For some reason some media outlets seem to be attempting to whip up hysteria by suggesting they are providing humanitarian aid that would normally be sent abroad and I'm fairly certain that isn't the case.

BigChocFrenzy · 18/06/2017 21:24

The UK military do a brilliant job in disaster areas, usually where "failed states" can't cope
That seems to describe Kensington council.

The military have the discipline, training and experience, plus officers & NCOs who are usually good organisers in such situations

edwinbear · 18/06/2017 21:26

What I really dislike is that this horrific event has become a political point scoring oppprtunity. Many, many people have died, in the most terrifying, unimaginable way. Survivors have not only lost everything, but witnessed terror they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

And the left wing see this as an opportunity to Tory bash. It's vile behaviour. Focus on what you can do to help rather than blaming.

BigChocFrenzy · 18/06/2017 21:28

The Red Cross provide assistance in disasters.
It's perfectly reasonable here too

Just that in a modern Western industrial country I'd have expected that to be genuinely "assistance" to the official disaster relief, not having to provide a great chunk of it in the absence of official relief organised by Kensington

BigChocFrenzy · 18/06/2017 21:36

Well, the survivors are angry and demanding justice
Unless the community are allowed to express their anger and be listened to, this could turn very nasty.

They think this disaster need not have happened and that once it happened they were abandoned by the responsible council.

The public are entitled to focus on failings by whichever party

Politicians get the credit and votes when they lower council tax.
When they vote against regulations to save money, or gloat publically about cuts in the fire stations or council staff etc then they always take the risk of being held accountable for their actions by a very angry public

BigChocFrenzy · 18/06/2017 21:40

Ridiculous expecting the PM to hug or weep
However, she should have turned up earlier and got a grip much earlier

HM the Queen at 91 did her duty magnificently as always. No hugs or tears involved.

HopefulMog · 18/06/2017 22:08

And the left wing see this as an opportunity to Tory bash.
Please not again. Biscuit

"Focus on what you can do to help rather than blaming." Blaming? It's not about blaming but about highlighting the political context in which stupid irresponsible decisions have been made by a number of individuals and groups, which have led to the deaths of hundreds of innocent people in their homes where they should have been safe.

Getting justice for these people is os very important. And pointing out the systematic failures is also important in order to prevent future disasters.

OP posts:
mirime · 18/06/2017 23:06

@PavoReal that's a problem with how funding works, what alternative would you suggest? That they give back the money and accept the funding cut? They may know that they need that money the following year. Sometimes there is a good reason why there's an underspend and it couldn't be avoided.

edwinbear · 19/06/2017 00:26

As I said up thread ask Emma Dent Coad, the newly elected Labour MP, why she signed off the plans? How about that as a start for getting these people justice and discovering the systematic failures that led to their untimely deaths?

BabsGanoush · 19/06/2017 00:51

I'm sure there is plenty going on behind the scenes, only they don't waste their time giving armchair complainers their full schedule.

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