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Know IBU but need someone to help me kickstart exercise again

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BengalGal · 17/06/2017 11:08

I'm from the states and have lived in the U.K. for almost two years. I have two girlfriends in the country but no one near by and haven't really made any friends here, except I like a few of the mums from my 11 year olds class. They all work, I'm at home. With my daughters, 12 and 14, I hardly see the parents and only know one mum. They've found it very difficult to make friends here.

I've gained a lot of weight since moving and really need to get to the gym and get exercising. Without it I'm quite low and have 0 interest in sex. Biking walking etc would also be good. I also have hypothyroidism for all my adult life and it's hard to get those levels right. I haven't found a good endocrinologist who can treat the symptoms and not just go by blood levels. This means more weight gain...

In the past I've found if I go with a friend even a few times it gets me on a good path and I can continue solo..

The closest gym to me is the lord butler fitness center in Saffron Walden. Is there anyone out there who would like an exercise buddy? Gym, swim, walk, bike....I would be ever so grateful.

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