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To ask if you live in Northampton?

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operaha · 17/06/2017 10:28

Dd (20) is looking for a transfer to her company's offices there. First time living away from home, so would more than likely house share.
I've never been, don't know anything about it, we live 100 miles south in Suffolk... she has a car so doesn't need to live city centre necessarily.
Dunno, just wanted to hear what it's like there. Think we'll go for a night one weekend soon and have a look round.

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Standingonlego · 17/06/2017 10:35

I do. A growing student population so lots of folk her age. It is a big town, lots of different areas.

Honestly, it is a bit shabby and the high street is horrid but there is a thriving art/food/cool stuff scene just under the surface.

Central for everywhere else, London an hour by train and lots of other places easily accessible (Birmingham by train great for shoppingSmile)

Standingonlego · 17/06/2017 10:46

But I should say...I moved here 20 years ago at about your DD age and have been very happy here. Lovely parks, beautiful countryside and lots of nice people Smile

FlipFlopFlappy · 17/06/2017 10:55

We're only a town, not a city Grin

Lived here all my life. Town centre is a bit naff but go one junction south on the M1 for shopping in Milton Keynes which is fab.
Lots of ok surrounding areas just outside the town centre. Kingsthorpe is good for young people as part of the uni is based there. Also Abington area is full of young people too. We're wootton fields which is lovely.
Lots of villages too are nice, moulton, pitsford, boughton, brixworth etc.

operaha · 17/06/2017 11:13

My bad, dunno why I thought it is a city!!

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