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I know I wasn't BU, but did I go OTT? Dustbin related

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winobaglady · 16/06/2017 23:17

Got home from work to find my dustbin hadn't been emptied. In fact it was fuller than when I left it in the morning and there was a note from the collection team telling me my bin was too full.
This is roughly the 4th time this year.
Seems someone removed one of my bags, put in one of theirs and put mine back on top, stopping the lid from closing.
I've been through the extra bag Confused and worked out who it belongs to.
Just been round there, took their rubbish back and started to explain to lady of the house that what happened was Not On.

She said "not now, I'm busy" and closed door on me.

So I've left some of her rubbish on her doorstep, some on her lawn and the rest in the bag on her path.

Got home, sitting with a cuppa and it struck me that maybe someone moved her bag from her bin into mine and she had no idea of it.

Now I feel hot headed and guilty. WIBU for me to creep along and look in her bin, in case that's what happened? Or leave it and catch her tomorrow?

OP posts:
RudeDog · 17/06/2017 08:36

This is better than parking.

Definitely report it to the council - I know someone who works in this department and gathers evidence on bin misuse!

EarlyWelcome · 17/06/2017 08:37

I probably shouldn't but this has made me laugh out loud for a good two minutes. Grin

ophiotaurus · 17/06/2017 08:44

wheresthel1ght the op picked up the rubbish and put it back. I think pathetic is a horrible thing to say.

Nocabbageinmyeye · 17/06/2017 08:44

Yabu to have gone back round to pick it up!!! You made a stand, you were totally right and then you went back and picked it up. She's probably laughing at you now, you should have left it

sparechange · 17/06/2017 08:47

You shouldn't have gone back to pick it up!

You definitely did the right thing. The front of her to say she was too busy to talk to you!

winobaglady · 17/06/2017 08:56

@nocabbageinmyeye I did still leave the bits on her doorstep, with the bag next to it.
I just couldn't bear the thought of the rubbish attracting vermin.
DH has taken our bags down the tip this morning, so all good.

OP posts:
PoohBearsHole · 17/06/2017 09:07

phone the council and tell them that someone else put their overflow rubbish in your bin which then wasn't collected. then ask them what the best thing to do to ensure that this doesn't happen again (differing place for bin collection etc)as you would like to continue having bin collections but if the person adding to your rubbish continues this you are being penalised, and would like their advice on the best course of action to ensure bin privacy.

i'm questioning how the bin can be too full, their usually picked up by machines are they 🙄, i get not taking extra ground bags as that (god forbid) might involve lifting which might hurt a precious box) never mind the fact that you have to lift the rubbish into the wheely bins......

alternatively suggest they send someone round to teach neighbour how to recycle (hopefully in the most mind numbing fashion).


GoneDownhill · 17/06/2017 09:09

Did you take photos?

wheresthel1ght · 17/06/2017 09:28

I think pathetic is mild to be honest. The OP has been exceptionally childish. I should bloody hope they went and picked it up. If I was her neighbour I would be furious and considering taking things further with the council or the police for vandalism.

They have absolutely no proof the neighbour is even responsible, only that originally the bag was theirs.

wowfudge · 17/06/2017 09:35

On the balance of probabilities the neighbour who is too busy to answer the door properly is the culprit. Good on the OP. As a result of the neighbour's selfish twattery her bin didn't get emptied and her DH had to make a trip to the tip. People who do this kind of thing don't care if they inconvenience others.

winobaglady · 17/06/2017 17:24

Neighbour came round earlier. We had a cuppa and some biccies. I apologised, she apologised and explained one of her idiot teenage sons (her words, not mine) did it because he cba to put their bins out like she asked.
She only realised when she got home early and her own bin was in, mine still full and out. She commented to said son about tsk tsk my bin being too full and thanked him for bringing hers in.
Seems he crumbled and fessed up, also that he'd done it before.
She was 'discussing' it with him when I called round. Apparently he always takes​ the route of least effort.
Said teenage son has just finished washing out all the, empty, rubbish wheelies in the close. That's 8 of them, in this weather. Her punishment to him, ouch. He was sheepish and said sorry when I took him a bottle of cold water.
All good, she laughed when I fessed up about putting litter on the lawn, then going back to pick it up. She was cool too about the litter on her doorstep and the bag. Probably because the lad had to clean that up too.
Bin wars averted, and I have a clean bin.
It's this heat, driving us nuts I tell ya!

OP posts:
Nikephorus · 17/06/2017 17:29

Well done you, and well done neighbour Grin

VerityHabitat · 17/06/2017 17:31

Yay! What a great resolution!

Very nice to hear.

CassandraCross · 17/06/2017 17:38

This must be an MN first - a reasonable and civil resolution to an issue between neighboursGrin.

Saucery · 17/06/2017 17:39

Aww, a happy ending to a Bin Thread

BingBongBingBong · 17/06/2017 17:49

All is well that ends well!

DudeHatesHisCarryOut · 17/06/2017 17:58

Sounds good to me!

Love how he was made to clean all the bins. Did he have to explain his actions to any other neighbours?

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