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Present idea... Please help

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Babyblues14 · 16/06/2017 17:37

Need help for a gift idea.
Posting for traffic.
Currently pregnant, Dh got me a card and a bunch of flowers for mothers day.
Want to return the favor this weekend but have no idea what to get him. Cant find any gifts for expectant fathers just loads of no1 dad things but they just dont feel right

OP posts:
Grainfail · 16/06/2017 17:40

A selection of craft beers maybe? Or a voucher for a hot towel shave? Something nice but not a physical momento IYKWIM.

caddywally · 16/06/2017 22:32

This might be useless advice, but it doesn't have to be anything dad related. It could just be the same sort of thing you'd buy him for his birthday or Christmas. What sort of stuff is he into?

dinosaurbum · 16/06/2017 22:36

Bloody hell the worlds gone mad!!!

Is this a thing now? It was a lovely gesture for him to get you a present for mothersday, but it's just a gesture not compulsory!

Get him a card from bump, you find them in most cars places and it!

Sophiealice95 · 16/06/2017 22:38

Get the baby a football/rugby shirt in his team colours, if he has one he follows op.

OwlinaTree · 16/06/2017 22:39

Amazon have got some dad to be teeshirts for sale. If you have prime you could get one in time for Sunday.

ADuckNamedSplash · 16/06/2017 22:47

I'm in the same situation and have got him a card from the bump and this book:

<a class="break-all" href="//" rel="nofollow noindex" target="_blank">//

I figure he can read it to the bump now, to help her become familiar with his voice, and still use it when she arrives - one of the reviews said that the black and white contrast of the pandas seemed to catch her baby's interest when being read to.

elmo1980 · 16/06/2017 23:00

Can't do links but Google 'fmly store' they do some lovely stuff and money goes to women's charities. I got my dad the papa t shirt and my dp the dadding it

PeaFaceMcgee · 16/06/2017 23:05

Get him a card and a bunch of flowers too! DH was just saying the other day how much he likes sunflowers, but nobody ever buys them for men. He's getting that & a box of chocolates - the Thorntons father's day ones.

CatsRidingRollercoasters · 16/06/2017 23:22

I took my dc shopping for a father's day present today. They asked to go to the charity shop where they chose...

A massive plastic toy car and a happy birthday card with a monkey on it. Apparently he will love the card because the monkey is wearing glasses not true just like Daddy's.

My dc are very small Grin

firsttimer12345 · 17/06/2017 00:04

My DH thought it was a bit ridiculous when I jokingly mentioned it on mothers day so I haven't gotten him anything.

My DF is a different story however.... he bought my mum a card from my bump on Mother's Day! So I've done the same for him for Sunday and got him a little peppa pig grandpa book.

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