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To thank Tesco have committed fraud on my credit card?

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Ontheboardwalk · 15/06/2017 21:54

Ok so this morning found a cracking deal on JD. £18 for a litre bottle at Tesco Direct.

Checked online and could do click and collect same day service at local store for £2 delivery - brilliant. Ordered one, ok 4 bottles, used some club card vouchers all done.

Got phone call about an hour later from another store where the stock was held wanting to check if I really wanted the JD or if I was placeholding a delivery and had forgotten about it. I replied 'nope I want the JD' and thought no more about it. Collected my delivery and was happy.

Just been looking at my card statement and Tesco had cancelled the original amount of £66.50 (that inc the £2 delivery charge ) as 'reversal for late/u'

They've then recharged my card for the £66.50 again and have done a brand new charge for an additional £2 delivery charge. The payments are showing pending which I'd expect for home delivery charges as they usually come through later.

However AIBU in thinking Tesco should not recharge my card or create a brand new charge ( for £2 that I don't even owe them) without my approval and authorisation?

To thank Tesco have committed fraud on my credit card?
OP posts:
Migraleve · 15/06/2017 23:20

Oh and no one has entered your details (including the 3 digit number) other than you Confused

AnathemaPulsifer · 15/06/2017 23:22

Exactly what DrJ said. Chill, FFS. If you can afford £72 on booze you can afford to let Tesco hold £2 of your money until the transaction completes and the hold is released a few days later.

AnathemaPulsifer · 15/06/2017 23:23

And even if you didn't know it was normal, worst case scenario you'd phone the store and it would be sorted.

AnathemaPulsifer · 15/06/2017 23:24

Just realised you already collected the JD. Just how much of it did you drink? Grin

Ontheboardwalk · 15/06/2017 23:26

DrJzoidberg ah ok this actually makes sense. My original order went through ok but after they canceled and re ordered it could have come through like this.

I'll come off of my JD fuelled horse now -after one last drink- and will wait till the actual charges come through!

OP posts:
AnathemaPulsifer · 15/06/2017 23:27
PersianCatLady · 15/06/2017 23:28

The £2 charge is a holding charge for the order.

Tesco usually hold £2 on C & C whereas Asda hold £1 on delivery.

Companies like Snapfish hold a pending £1on your account when you first make an order.

If you read the Tesco T & C it should state this.

PersianCatLady · 15/06/2017 23:29

Clearly states about the £2 pending charge in section 1.

Ontheboardwalk · 15/06/2017 23:30

anathema I can not confirm or deny how much JD I might have sampled after I picked it up at 5pm today.

It was an offer not to miss to have it in for special occasions but come on just shy of £17 a litre it would be rude not to check it was ok

OP posts:
Ontheboardwalk · 15/06/2017 23:35

Ontheboardwalk backs away from this thread but recommendeds the Tesco offer on JD to anyone watching....

OP posts:
AnathemaPulsifer · 15/06/2017 23:58

Grin a lady never admits how much JD she's had! The JD is safe from me but if anyone spots a flash sale on Baileys...

HornyTortoise · 16/06/2017 02:28

The 2 quid will be for authorization I think. Will have 'came off' when you placed order. I think its to check card actually works. I will be surprised if it moves past 'pending'. When the rest move onto statement, the 2 quid will disappear.

Ginger782 · 16/06/2017 02:35

I'm amazed you posted this in AIBU and didn't get ridiculed more OP. Fraud? Seriously? Are you my grandma new to how credit card transactions work?

MN is off it's game.

PersianCatLady · 16/06/2017 11:35

The 2 quid will be for authorization I think
You are right and it clearly states it in section 1 of the Tesco T & Cs

notknownatthisaddress · 16/06/2017 11:41

Hmmm would I be arsed to chase £2?

Thing is, if they keep doing it, (and they do it lots more people,) they will make a killing.

It's all right saying 'it's only £2,' but as I said, are they doing this everyone???

I think it's worth mentioning to them, but not making a huge fuss.

Funny how these things hardly EVER fall in the customer's favour.

Urubu · 16/06/2017 12:52

If they end up taking the £2, of course get them to reimburse it.
However re the fact that they cancelled and re-charged, I don't believe there is something to complain about. Call your bank if you have time to loose...

Migraleve · 16/06/2017 13:38

notknown it's an authorisation amount. Tesco are not making a killing, they don't actually take the £2

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