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Any opticians? Second opinion.

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sillywitch · 13/06/2017 22:17

My daughter has a lazy eye and wears quite a strong prescription +2.5 and +6.75. She has been wearing a patch for a year and a half but we are stopping after the hospital recommended it as it is no longer having an effect. We went to get her annual glasses prescription checked at the hospital. The Dr was clearly new (dropping lenses etc) and when he was checking her eyes after the drops and trying to work out prescription, he sat much further away than any previous doctor. He was unfamiliar with the equipment (kept trying to overload equipment with too many lenses etc) and it was much, much quicker than normal. The doctors normally work slowly but very carefully. He pronounced her prescription unchanged. Her prescription changed significantly last year and I am a little reluctant to accept his review as this will now be her prescription for the next 12 months. He just didn't inspire confidence. Would you ask for a second opinion or am I being melodramatic?

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sillywitch · 13/06/2017 22:20

Just to clarify, I am most concerned by how far away he was from her while checking her eyes. Clearly he could be long sighted, but this is what worried me the most. The doctors normally sit directly in front of her and look quite carefully at her eyes. This doctor sat at his computer and did a lot of stretching.

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chanie44 · 13/06/2017 22:48

My son is +7.00, so I totally understand your concerns.

A few months ago, DS had his first eye test at the opticians, following his discharge from the hospital. The optician put his prescription up in one eye and a few weeks into wearing his new glasses, he was rubbing his eyes. I called them up and they reviewed him and said everything was okay, but we're happy to review.

I'd contact the hospital and say that DC was complaining about their eyes and would like them to review. Only because I think that will get a better response rather than questioning the competence of the Dr/optician.

I'm surprised that DCs next check is 12 months away. My hospital insisted on seeing DS every 3 months for a mini review to check he could see. They said that children's eyes change quickly and wanted to keep an eye on him ( excuse the pun).

Otherwise, try popping into a local opticians and see if they can look at DC.

sillywitch · 13/06/2017 23:35

Thanks chanie. Ah, good idea to suggest daughter rather than doctor. We are seen by hospital every 2-3 months but they only check prescription once a year. I tried independent optician but, because she is in the hospital system, they told us to go back to them. I will do as you suggest - thank you!

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