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Moving and Depression

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SailorMoon92 · 13/06/2017 21:29

DP and I have a 10mo DD and are looking to move from our 2 bed flat to a house/bungalow with a garden for DD (renting). We also have noisy neighbours, the LL is always doing DIY and we live on a busy road.

I suffer from PND and anxiety and I've been feeling really low lately, questioning whether I want to be with DP, whether I want to be a mum, questioning if I'm good enough etc.

I'm now starting to think that moving isn't such a good idea. Is it likely to make me worse? Our flat feels like 'home' but the noise and lack of garden is a nightmare! Part of me is thinking by having a garden and a bit more space, I might get better, the other worries I'll get worse because it isn't 'home'.

What do you think?

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OfNoFixedAbode · 13/06/2017 21:35

I think probably you're right to move. I have horrendous anxiety especially around change but it always works out in the end, even if the initial bit is traumatic. I know I would feel happier and more relaxed in the new home you describe, so if you feel you would too then I would go for it Smile

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