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I am being very very unreasonable indeed!

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barefoofdoctor · 11/06/2017 19:26

Having read a thread today about persistent parental bed bothering 3 year olds and being able to strongly relate, then being let down by the ex (and therefore cracking open his naice (£9 so not crazy expensive, but way more than he deserves or i'd spend on the rare bottle of wine I buy for medicinal purposes) Father's Day wine (I got sweet fat nothing for Mothers Day, not even a card, but have time and again been the 'better person' for DD's sake. Not bitter. Much. ), It dawned on me that my DD lavishes me with the sort of love, idolisation and (sometimes very OTT) attention that I have, as an incurably insecure person, always longed for. From a parent, partner, whatever, and yet i'm too often short tempered and feel harassed by this. I know I am being unreasonable and ungrateful and I also know how relentless lone parenting can be and how it gnaws you to the bone, kicks you in the head then comes back for the bone marrow (no family anywhere nearby, chronic illness but good friends thankfully) but I've just had a bit of a lightbulb moment thinking 'I won't ever be more loved than this' and it has humbled me a bit (though thankfully I don't feel #blessed). So, not being preachy Mother Superior but definitely intend to renew patience supplies big time tomorrow (if I've not been woken by the 5am lone toddler dawn chorus).

OP posts:

CurlyMango · 11/06/2017 20:37

Umm what?


ParadiseCity · 11/06/2017 20:39

What's the name of the wine please? I want some!

You are right though, kids are marvellous.


Redsippycup · 11/06/2017 20:48

Awww - that's nice!


Sandsnake · 11/06/2017 20:50

Good for you! Toddler affection is crazily intense and can be suffocating but - as you say - is humbling in its own way.


Gizlotsmum · 11/06/2017 20:53

My 5 yr old has been super cute this afternoon. Having the same tea, plate and drink as me and watching the family film snuggled with me.. he is normally such a daddy's boy it has been lovely to realise I am special to him...


FloatyCat · 11/06/2017 20:55

I get you OP, intense but sweet

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