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To hate neighbours' new wood burner thingy

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Notreallymeyousee · 11/06/2017 17:55

Ok so I have opened up a new profile for this as I suspect there are people I know on here who know I'm me... if that makes sense.

We had new neighbours move in about 2 months ago. We're in a semi and they have the adjoining house, so we share a garden fence. They bought one of those outdoor wood burner fire pit whatsits a few weeks ago and literally any time it isn't raining they have it lit. It's blowing smoke into our house if we have the windows open, making the house smell smokey. Plus they lit it when I was out the other day and I'd hung the washing on the line so it smelled like a packet of smokey bacon crisps when I brought it in.

I completely understand they can do what they want to in their garden and I have no right to complain, just wondering if there is a polite way to ask them not to light it EVERY TIME the weather is dry. We don't have a tumble dryer so washing line is my main way of drying my clothes. Would it be unreasonable to ask them to at least bob round and tell me they were lighting it so I can bring the washing in?

I feel like such a moaning old bag being annoyed by someone doing something perfectly legal in their own garden...but yeah it's annoying when your clothes smell gross and you can't have your windows open on a sunny day. It blows in way more smoke to our garden than I would have expected.

OP posts:
SafeToCross · 11/06/2017 18:13

Yes, have a chat with them and see if you can agree a time they won't light it before eg 5pm, 6pm, so that you can ensure you have the washing in and windows closed by that time. We have a Mr burn it up man living behind us, usually late at night but still quite annoying at times. Our neighbour shouted at us about her washing the first time we ever lit a fire pit, we never dared again.

Notreallymeyousee · 11/06/2017 18:17

I'm so conscious that I don't want to get off on the wrong foot with people I might live next to for years - any suggestions on a script? I will need to rehearse I think.

OP posts:
LaurieFairyCake · 11/06/2017 18:28

Could you put your washing down the bottom of the garden?

TheAntiBoop · 11/06/2017 18:29

Is it legal? I live in London and I don't think they are here - thank goodness!

No harm in asking them to do something to reduce the smoke? What do they actually use it for?

justkeepswimmingg · 11/06/2017 18:33

You definitely need to talk to them OP. They may honestly not be putting two and two together. I know a few people who would do it, and the thought of ruining someone's washing wouldn't even cross their minds.
Maybe coming up with a few planned hours in the day to put your washing out would be a good idea (mornings - no wood burner). Curious to know why they need it in use daily Hmm..

Notreallymeyousee · 11/06/2017 18:36

We don't really have a 'bottom of the garden". It's a small garden and the (average length) washing line runs the length of it. They sell the burner fire pit Things in B&Q etc so I assume they are. Not sure if you burn wood or charcoal or what but it stinks.

Yes I do need to grow some ovaries and just do it, don't I? Ok, tomorrow's job

OP posts:
Notreallymeyousee · 11/06/2017 18:38

They work shift, (woman is a nurse, suspect bloke is a physio as have seen him with one of those folding tables) so they are often home when I'm at work. I work full time so early evening or weekends is the only chance I have to get washing dried in summer.

OP posts:
TheAntiBoop · 11/06/2017 18:39

I assume they're not legal in cities with smoke restrictions

Do they cook on them? Sound really environmentally unfriendly!

specialsubject · 11/06/2017 18:39

Thought you meant a woodburning stove, but this is one of those garden wood wasters. Horribly inefficient and as you note, very smoky.

Shouldn't really be used any more often than you would have a bonfire - it is reallly the same thing. Anti social.

Good luck....

CassandraCross · 11/06/2017 18:46

Hopefully they will be reasonable people and not realise the nuisance they are causing and will equally not wish to upset someone who they may be living next to for a number of years, OP.

Just be civil and reasonable when you talk to them and make it clear you are willing to compromise for the benefit of all of you.

Hopefully these things will be the 'one hit wonders' of the season.

By the way I love the phrase 'bob round', dare I ask what part of the country it comes from?

Notreallymeyousee · 11/06/2017 18:49

Cassandra, north west - pretty sure it's a northern phrase anyway!

OP posts:
Joinourclub · 11/06/2017 18:52

My old neighbour used to take my washing in (if it was dry and I wasn't at home) before he lit his bonfire!

TheFlyingFauxPas · 11/06/2017 18:52

They do a lot of 'bobbing' in Corrie. No help re burner though sorry.

BuzzKillington · 11/06/2017 19:12

You mean a chiminea, I think.

I hate them, in a standard garden set up with adjacent neighbours, they're incredibly antisocial.

We have friends with one. It's really smoky. She actually posted on FB that her neighbours moaned about the smoke. She was incredulous! Like it's her absolute right to fug out her neighbours whenever she likes.

Just as bad as bonfires, imo which I really hate.

CassandraCross · 11/06/2017 19:52

Thanks, OP, it's a lovely phrase.

IrritatedUser1960 · 11/06/2017 19:59

I have one but I have an agreement with all my neighbours as to when it is ok to use it.
Generally not during the day when the washing is out so it's after 7 when I have friends over.
I don't think it's reasonable to fire the thing up 24/7 when there is a new baby next door.

SureJan · 11/06/2017 20:15

I'm all for people doing what they like in their own gardens, but this would drive me mad! I'd hate for my washing to be ruined by the smoky smell, & I agree that it can't be necessary for them to light it up so often. But I'm sure if you have a chat with them they'll understand & hopefully you'll be able to come to an agreement.

Moregilmoregirls · 11/06/2017 20:20

We have one and light it rarely. One night we were sat out with it lit and the woman from a house about 3 doors away came ranting and raving about her kids window being open and her having asthma and if we did not stop she'd have to take her to hospital.
Of course we put it out but can't help think she was being a tad hysterical as her house is not exactly next to ours and she's could have shut the window!! So maybe go round with a very reasonable tone and you should be fine. Good luck

PaulAnkaTheDog · 11/06/2017 20:23

I have one. It's lovely to sit out next to. If my neighbours aren't outside and don't have their washing out. Basic common courtesy.

Shellym13 · 11/06/2017 20:25

We lived in a tiny 1 bed flat for 14 years and have just bought our first house. I have to confess we bought one. Really just so we can sit outside in our first garden as late as we like. Not having parties it making Boise but appreciating having outdoor space. I would hate if we were annoying people though, we have large trees all around our boundary so hopefully that helps.

FearofFlight · 11/06/2017 21:29

Our council have a leaflet on their website with guidelines to what is/isn't acceptable regarding garden fires - might be worth a look?

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