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To think that having sex ONCE in five months is not enough?

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tinkerbellhadpiles · 19/03/2007 21:16

DH keeps claiming he feels uncomfortable having sex in the house when DD could here (when she's unconscious and at the other end of the house and yet she can't hear him play guitar, grunt, fart or shout at his computer).

He keeps saying he agrees we should have another baby too.

Feel like the last cabbage on the shelf.

OP posts:

tinkerbellhadpiles · 19/03/2007 21:26

Perhaps I am the last cabbage on the shelf.

[sadly closes her laptop and goes to her bed on her own with a cup of tea]

OP posts:

Jennylee · 20/03/2007 00:39

don't know about the cabbage on the shelf thing but you need to ask him more about it as these making noise thing is not a reasonable excuse lol

your dd won't hear and even if she did she does nto know what the noise is lol you should try and talk to him about it


fortyplus · 20/03/2007 00:42

Can your dd stay over at someone's house while you have a romantic night out (or in!)

5 months is a long time - I've had gynae problems for a couple of years (sorted now I hope!) and even I feel like it about every six weeks!


ucm · 20/03/2007 00:50

Sorry, rushing to catch up with you other cabbages, I am the largest, so I must sit on the top shelf

When I told Dh I was pg, exactly 9 months & 7 weeks ago. We haven't exactly gone for it. He doesn't go for pg me, bless him, cuddles but that was it. DD is 7 weeks old and I have more chance of shagging the pope than getting anywhere near my DH until he has the snip.

11 years we have been together. I tell you, he is vehement in his response to this.

I was supposed to have my tubes tied during my c/s but due to the fact that I forgot to tell the consultant at our 26 week appt, he wouldn't do it on my instructions that morning.

So I know how you feel, especially as the waiting list for snips round here is about 4 months.

My best friend is very fond of saying to me 'you'd give anyone one' after hearing me say that I would give max from eastenders, the window cleaner (nice arse), phillip schofield ( I know) Sean bean, peter barlow (corrie), just anyone really.


ucm · 20/03/2007 00:51

Oh and I would probably plan it but DS (3) would come in to get into bed with us. So it wouldn't work anyway.


ucm · 20/03/2007 00:52

What I was trying to say is that it may be genuine that he doesn't want to. You need to sit down & talk.


fortyplus · 20/03/2007 08:32

ucm - you're quite right. Dh was totally horrified by th whole pg thing, particularly when he realsised that I was totally off sex and only doing it to keep him happy. He said I was being patronising


Thcc · 10/04/2023 00:01

This reply has been deleted

This has been deleted by MNHQ for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Previously banned poster.

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