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Bad grammar

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HeadingHome · 10/06/2017 17:16

Guy on Tinder (Australian dating app).

Nice in all aspects, but used "either" instead of "neither".

I lasted more than 10 years with my ex husband, only to find out during divorce proceedings that he is completely illiterate.

Is this new interest going to pan out, and was all a spelling error due to his excitement with the idea of conversing with someone as amazing as me, or should I pull the pin now?

OP posts:

Shootfirstaskquestionslater · 10/06/2017 17:22

So he forgot the N it's not that much of a spelling mistake and if your as amazing as you think you are then why are you using tinder that's for people who are just looking for a quick shag.


Dawndonnaagain · 10/06/2017 17:28

Goodness, you're so amazing you can't manage to construct a coherent sentence...


Lanaa · 10/06/2017 17:34

I don't think you're in the position to judge someone on poor grammar.


DoomGloomAndKaboom · 10/06/2017 17:44

I think you need to pay careful attention because it could have been a mistake, but if he says 'pacifically' run for the hills.


nomorebabiesyet · 10/06/2017 17:57

How did you not know your husband was illiterate? Or do you mean he made a few spelling mistakes... you sound mean


Moanyoldcow · 10/06/2017 18:14

Someone I know broke up with someone because they moved their lips when they read...

I have to say, though, your post isn't exactly flawless. Which means you can see how easy it is make small errors online and when under stress.

I won't lie, I couldn't be with someone for whom a reasonable standard of English wasn't important. I wouldn't, however, dismiss someone for conflating or mixing up either and neither.


NotACleverName · 10/06/2017 18:18

Pull the pin now, sounds like the guy deserves better Biscuit

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