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... to think that since the introduction of the "Am I beling unreasonable?" topic that ...

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MrsSpoon · 19/03/2007 20:37

... there are far more MNetters being unreasonable?

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MrsSpoon · 19/03/2007 20:38

Oops, meant to add a .

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collision · 19/03/2007 20:38

Hi Mrs Spoon!!

I must agree.

Once I clicked on MN and there were about 11 Am I being unreasonable? threads on the opening page!


littlelapin · 19/03/2007 20:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kbear · 19/03/2007 20:39

No it is not unreasonable to think this!


Nikki76 · 19/03/2007 20:39

No, its just that we now have an official place to vent


MrsSpoon · 19/03/2007 20:41

Hi Collision! Good to see you, long time no see.

Of course I'm just envious really and wanted to start my own "unreasonable" thread.

OP posts:

crazylazydaisy · 19/03/2007 20:41

I love 'em!! Until i found this site i just thought i was turning into a lone grumpy old woman - or Catherine Tate's nan - but now i know there is a whole load MORE things i can get annoyed about. Fab!


collision · 19/03/2007 20:42

I changed my name for a while but no one spoke to me so I changed back!!


VeniVidiVickiQV · 19/03/2007 20:42

no, but it is EASIER to tell them they are being unreasonable, because they asked for it


Nikki76 · 19/03/2007 20:42

Its great cos instead of venting to DH, I vent on here and DH thinks I'm all lovely, serene type woman.......


LilyLoo · 19/03/2007 20:43

Tbh don't think we could moan like this in RL !


MrsSpoon · 19/03/2007 20:44

LOL Collision, I know that feeling, who were you?

OP posts:

Pruni · 19/03/2007 20:44

Message withdrawn


LilyLoo · 19/03/2007 20:44

LOLcrazy daisy theres things we being unreasonable about that we didn't even know bothered us until someone else suggested it


pointydog · 19/03/2007 20:50

I don't think people have become more unreasonable, I just think the thread gives their unreasonableness unreasonable credibility.


collision · 20/03/2007 10:15

I was GorgonzolaSouffle for about 5 weeks.

i was going to try and be mysterious and interesting but it didnt work! LOL


yomellamoHelly · 20/03/2007 10:30

Love the AIBU discussions. Want to see an "am I a bad mother ...." topic too!


Thcc · 10/04/2023 00:01

This reply has been deleted

This has been deleted by MNHQ for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Previously banned poster.

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