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To consider taking a massive pay cut for new job?

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Metalhead · 10/06/2017 09:39

I've got an interview for a new job next week that I think would really suit me and I'd enjoy doing.

However, I'm now suddenly bricking it about potentially making this change as it would mean taking a huge pay cut (about 50%) and also involve some Saturday work. At the moment I work part time for a big London firm and have a good pay packet and benefits, BUT I absolutely hate my job and have done for a number of years. It's making me feel quite times and I don't have much confidence in my abilities anymore as I constantly feel like I'm just winging it (though no one has ever criticised my work).

Of course I might not get the new job, but am I mad for even considering this?!

OP posts:
originalbiglymavis · 10/06/2017 09:41

Can you afford it, could you revert to a similar job/pay?

Downshifting isn't always best. I'm still working stupid hours for a hell of a lot less and it will take me some very smart moves to get back to my old salary scale.

Anniegetyourgun · 10/06/2017 09:43

Life is too short to spend 8 hours a day of it (plus commute) doing something that makes you unhappy. As long as you can actually afford it, go for the thing that makes your working life feel like an extension of your leisure time! Just one consideration: are you going to be letting down anyone who financially depends on you?

MickeyRooney · 10/06/2017 10:03

Clearly you need to change jobs, but not to this one... wait for a better job.

AnnaBegins · 10/06/2017 10:07

Go for it, I have been thinking about similar, I am well paid for what I do so moving elsewhere to take a step up career wise would mean a pay cut. But you can't spend every day hating your job.

Timmytoo · 10/06/2017 10:23

Think really carefully. You might regret it and resent the lower pay as you always tend to forget the negatives of a previous job and remember the positives when moving on.

If it isn't a better move in all areas it can really cause unhappiness. Working on a Saturday is truly awful. I worked shifts which included weekend work for years until recently. Don't under estimate it when you are working six days a week, people are making weekend plans and you have to work. Rather wait for a job with hours and pay similar to what you have now.

The grass isn't always greener and going for a massive pay cut also tends to look bad on your CV making it extremely hard to go back up the salary ladder again. Go for the interview definitely, but really suss the place out and then decide what's best for you taking your future into consideration.

Metalhead · 10/06/2017 10:35

(that should have read 'is making me feel quite depressed' in my OP btw)

Thanks for all your thoughts so far. We could make it work financially, just, although we'd have to tighten our belts a lot, at least until DD2 gets her free nursery hours.

As for waiting for a better job to come along - I have been looking for a couple of years, and unfortunately it is very unlikely that I will find a job that would offer a similar salary and hours in the industry I'm in right now. My choices are basically either going for a full time job similar to what I do now and stay on the same kind of money, or take a big pay cut for another part time job in another field.

OP posts:
pandarific · 10/06/2017 11:05

Agree, you need a new job - but not THIS new job. Too much of a cut and will leave you very vulnerable if you end up hating it.

pandarific · 10/06/2017 11:07

What about a full time job close to home? You could negotiate compressed hours or part time after getting it? Could your dp/dh reduce hours?

NavyandWhite · 10/06/2017 11:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Metalhead · 10/06/2017 13:54

Maybe I was being a bit naive to think I could make this work... Sad.

I will go to the interview anyway and see how it goes. I might not be offered the job, but if I am I will think very carefully about whether it would be worth taking the cut to have a bit more job satisfaction.

OP posts:
MickeyRooney · 10/06/2017 14:32

At least you're part time in your current job. How many days a week do you work right now?
i used to work saturdays and i loathed it. i could never go back to breaking my hole working weekends, while everyone else off enjoying themselves. it was truly shit.
i also once went to a lesser paid job and regretted it the day i started. by the time i got my first lower paid wage, i was already looking to get out. i left swiftly after that. that was in the good times when jobs were plentiful so it was easy to go.
i'm now working a very hard job but at least the money and perks are very good. i don't like trying to survive on just fresh air, whilst breaking my ass to do so.

BellyBean · 10/06/2017 15:15

When you say 50% pay cut, is that pro rata or partly because you're going pt?

BellyBean · 10/06/2017 15:16

Sorry realised you're pt already.

FitbitAddict · 10/06/2017 15:19

If you are offered it, can you negotiate on salary?

ArtMummy1 · 10/06/2017 15:21

Go for it, life changes and it's all about quality of life. We did just that about 8 years ago, I can't say it was easy to begin with but new careers blossomed and we so SO much happier. Good luck with it.

curlii103 · 10/06/2017 15:24

Do it! I could write your up. I've been much happier in lower paid jobs. Good salaries tend to come with specialist skills and stress if it was an easy pleasant job everyone would do it....if you find one let me know!

bluediamonds · 10/06/2017 16:02

I think you should stay in your current role. It's double the money and part time. Money isn't everything but what if you hate the new job? Use the salary and the spare time to study for something else? Look for another job within your organisation bur keeping the pay? Good luck. X

Metalhead · 10/06/2017 17:42

mickey I'm currently doing 3 days a week, the new job would be the same number of hours but as I say include some Saturdays.

fit I don't think there's any room for negotiation on salary as its public sector.

blue unfortunately the only roles that come up within my organisation are the same stuff I'm doing now, or marketing/sales roles for which I'm absolutely not cut out.

Thanks art and curlii, good to hear some positives! [smiles]

OP posts:
topcat2014 · 10/06/2017 17:48

I have done shit jobs for crap money, and shit jobs for good money. I prefer the second!

Cutting pay will not help with your self esteem - it certainly didn't help when I had to do it once.

In the future, you will tend to be judged on what you are currently earning, rather than the fact that you once earned more.

If no-one is complaining about your current job/work then I am sure you are doing fine - don't be hard on yourself if no-one else is.

Remember - most people have an element of 'imposter' in their character somewhere. The trick is to ignore it.

yorkshapudding · 10/06/2017 18:13

I think it really depends on the new job. How much do you want it? Do you have any experience in that area so you can be confident you'd really enjoy it?

Taking a big pay cut to do something you truly love and feel passionate about could be the best decision you've ever made. Taking a big pay cut for a job that's just ok... probably not a good move.

I know several people who've left highly paid but stressful/mind-numbingly dull jobs to do stuff that is much less well paid but inherently rewarding and that they love. They all seem very content.

SafeToCross · 10/06/2017 18:23

I think it is more of a risk if your dc are still young and you still have mortgage, rent to pay. It will impact your future earning potential and retirement income; However, your stress and mental health have to be priorities. Can you see yourself working your way up in the new industry?

MargaretCabbage · 10/06/2017 18:32

I did this five years ago and it was the best thing I ever did (though I didn't have DCs then). I had become ill with stress in my old job, and lost all confidence in myself - everyone was telling me how great I was but I was struggling and thought I must just be a terrible worker. I took a huge pay cut to start in a new career and I absolutely love what I do now. I'd rather have less money than spend all my days off dreading going to work. It just so happens I've now been promoted and will be earning more than I did in my previous job anyway.

blueshoes · 10/06/2017 18:59

Having moved around jobs and roles a lot and taken big pay cuts, made lifestyle choices and pulled myself up the pay scale with a lot of hard work, I'd say no job is perfect in terms of colleagues or stress or duties. I'd even say that after the honeymoon period is over, there will be a time when you are really hate your current job which you will have to get over.

In all this, the one thing that is constant is your pay. That same amount goes into your bank account every month irrespective of whether it is a good job or a bad one. As topcat says, better to be well paid doing a shit job.

Therefore, I'd suggest that if you are unhappy, do move jobs but don't fantasise about how much happier you will in your new job to justify such a drastic pay cut. Your new job may very well be better but possibly not enough consistently to lose 50% pay. Find another job that requires such a drastic pay cut.

Your next job will probably only pay you an uplift based on your last pay. The loss in pay is not just the time you are in this job. The pay cut has a longer tail than that.

cantpickaname · 10/06/2017 19:01

I did just this last year and it was the best thing I ever did. Yes, I earn less but we have learned to manage and my mental health and time with my family has made the decision worth it. I used to be constantly thinking about work, checking emails, and feeling stressed about what I had not managed to get done and still had to do.

I'm a different person and my relationships with my husband and children have never been better.

Go for it.

Metalhead · 10/06/2017 22:40

Thanks for all the replies. I'm not really very career minded and would quite happily work for less than I earn now if it meant I could do something that I just don't hate as much (though obviously ideally I'd like the cut to not be quite as extreme!). I'll talk through the figures again with DH and see how tight things would really be if I took the new job.

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