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Prom for 11 year olds?

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daffodilsinmay · 09/06/2017 21:05

Year 6 and off to secondary in September.

School are running their own low key disco (not prom) for leavers. Lovely.

Some parent has decided this is not enough and has organized Prom with an out of school venue, catering, decorations and charging parents £20 to attend (to cover costs).

Tbh it just seems like a party for parents really as there will be a bar.

Not of this is particularly bad, obviously not mandatory but DS wants to go as his friends are. The leading parents have set a dress code as formal (everyone is now picking up tuxedos and dresses).

AIBU to cringe that this is a thing? Or am I just a miser?

as an aside, I work in a school (different one to dc) and we no longer run a leaving disco because it inevitably leads to prom like attire and expense and it's a poverty stricken area. We just fund a (free for parents) big end of year trip for each class.

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daffodilsinmay · 09/06/2017 21:06

non and organised!

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SuperMoonIsKeepingMeUpToo · 09/06/2017 21:08

Yanbu. I hate this for year 11s, let alone year 6s.


nostringstoholdmedown · 09/06/2017 21:10

I loved my prom and its nice to have a final end that isn't just your typical disco.

But for year 6, it's ridiculous yes.


Nymerialuna · 09/06/2017 21:14

I think it's rather excessive. A leavers disco is great and is that is needed. a couple of schools local to us have Y6 proms and some of the parents pay out huge amounts of money. IMHO the fake tanning, professional hair and makeup, ballgowns / tux, limos etc should be something special for when they leave school at 16.
That said, when I left school only a handful of schools did anything at all and if they did it was a disco or a dinner. My school did a leavers assembly and that was it.


AtleastitsnotMonday · 09/06/2017 21:19

I agree, it's too much too soon. A disco is absolutely fine. A prom at 16 is a lot more special if it's your first formal occasion and at least at 16 they are on the transition to adulthood not playing grown up (make up, hair, nails etc) as they are at 11.


FuckyDuck · 09/06/2017 21:19

Year 11 prom is a great passage from school to the world beyond, yr 6 is ridiculous but if you can afford it, I'd let him go so he can be with his friends


daffodilsinmay · 09/06/2017 21:22

I hadn't even thought about nails, make up etc! Glad I have a boy now!

So, does anyone know where I can buy a reasonably priced tuxedo for an eleven year old? Grin

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Stoneagemum · 09/06/2017 21:50

Best yr 6 leavers was the one I organised (but I would say that) only 8 years 6's though. Canoeing at the local lake with BBQ afterwards, parents could pay for siblings @ £10

Second child different school, hall hired with disco, ride in a limo for £20 not compulsory but if the other kids are getting their turn In The limo hard to say no to. So ended up being a mini prom as dresses etc requested. Might just be that that was a Dd not a ds thou?


Gatehouse77 · 09/06/2017 21:52

My kid's primary had a leavers BBQ, no parents, low key but loads of fun. If people keep shifting these events/extravagance for a younger and younger audience the what have people got to look forward to?

One mum tried to get a limo to take the kids to the BBQ but, thankfully, she was shut down!


Gatehouse77 · 09/06/2017 21:53

Oh, and no cost to the parents.


Bingeslayer · 09/06/2017 21:58

My Dds school holds proms now,the children have to do a sponsored event and were told to raise at least £60 each,I'm a single parent and her dress shoes corsage and mask (masquerade ball) have so far set me back £93,that's not counting her hair,make up and nails on the day Shock


Fightingthefire · 09/06/2017 21:58

My dd had hers last year and we set her a budget of £150 and she stuck to it. It was probably more than lots of her friends parents could afford but they all looked lovely too. She looked amazing in her outfit and it was the perfect way to say goodbye to all of her class mates. It was arranged by a few parents and I was happy to pay the £10 for her to go.


TeenAndTween · 09/06/2017 22:24

y6 No No NO.

It puts undue pressure on parents to pay out for fancy stuff so their child isn't left out. Totally OTT.


LovingLola · 09/06/2017 22:26

So it's a piss up for the parents really? Sounds ghastly.


zoekickin · 09/06/2017 22:45

Aww I loved my daughters prom last year! We did hair trials, make up and nails! She chose her dress on ebay and looked so stunning. It's my sons this year, and we got his tux cheap of ebay. He's going in a Bentley with his best friend. It's just all good fun!

Prom for 11 year olds?

BackforGood · 09/06/2017 22:52



Myfanwyprice · 09/06/2017 22:54

I am one of these parents organising a year 6 prom (awaits flaming Grin)

However, we have made it clear that it is just for fun, there is absolutely no expectation that anyone should wear anything fancy, no dress code whatsoever.

It does make me cringe a little bit, but I hope that what we are planning is just a bit of fun - definitely not over the top - and a nice way to say goodbye to primary school.

Near us, all the schools seem to do something, a lot hire transport (double decker bus or limo) to take them to a restaurant, there is a lovely venue close by that offers a very competitive prom deal, that the majority of parents felt was a good price, so we have gone for that, I would be very surprised if anyone turns up in a prom dress/tux as we have made it clear that this is not expected.


Notcontent · 09/06/2017 22:55

A prom in year 6??? That's just so wrong. Fortunately my dd's school only does a low key disco. And there is no way my dd or her friends would want to be dressing up in that kind of stuff - they are normal 11 year olds!


purplecollar · 09/06/2017 23:02

I think it sounds completely hideous. I say that as a dm of an 11 year old y6 girl.


DunedinGirl · 09/06/2017 23:06

I think it is ridiculous. Where I come from, School Formals (or Balls) are for the year 12s and 13s. I think most people would be pretty Hmm at the idea of 11 year olds having one. What's wrong with a disco? Or an outing?

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