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To think many mumsnetters could have done a better job than Theresa May

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Theworldisfullofidiots · 09/06/2017 17:10

The mistakes of Theresa May seems to be manifold. If you were in her position last year what would you have done?
I'll start us off....
Personally after the referndum I would have said;
"This is really difficult, the referendum was very close and ther are clearly things that are important to achieve on both sides. I need to listen to what people's concerns are, we need to move forward with honest conversations and find a solution that we can all live with together'.

I wouldn't have kept on just 'telling' people what they 'should' be thinking or how they 'should' be behaving. If she had done that she may have avoided legal challenges and all sorts of others disasters....

Oh and I wouldn't have called an election.....

OP posts:
Shloooooob · 09/06/2017 17:11

Yabu. Loads of us would be a shit PM.

originalbiglymavis · 09/06/2017 17:13

Oh I don't know... I think I'd be a really bossy one though.

PhilODox · 09/06/2017 17:15

Um- she wasn't PM after the referendum, Cameron was! Hmm

antimatter · 09/06/2017 17:16

as we can imagine what TM agreed to do is to hold the poisoned chalice of brexit

would I do it? I think I would not say I can all by myself be able to solve problems of the entire nation and trusted that I am skillful enough that even though I am a Reminder I can pretend to act as a Leaver and and also one who wants the most extreme version of it.

I just don't believe that people can be successful if they don't believe in the "product".

I would have inter party working groups because I believe that there has to be a mixture of subject matter specialists and those who believe in the bigger idea.
I would also made my SIL Health! She is very dedicated doctor and knows the system inside out.

waitforitfdear · 09/06/2017 17:16

I would be a hopeless prime minister but a bloody ace dictator

antimatter · 09/06/2017 17:17

*Health Minister

Theworldisfullofidiots · 09/06/2017 17:19

I meant as soon as she took over the reigns and before she triggerd Article 50. She lead the run into Brexit....

waitforitdear- I think Theresa May would make a great dictator....

OP posts:
Theworldisfullofidiots · 09/06/2017 17:21

Shloooooob - I purposefully didn't say all mumsnetters - I said many. I can think of many that would be great and after reading some threads that wouldn't......

OP posts:
nostringstoholdmedown · 09/06/2017 17:23

Democracy. People voted leave, so as PM you would have been like ... nah, that's not what I wanted so we're not doing it?

None of us have been a PM, therefore I cannot say whether I would have been better than May.

Theworldisfullofidiots · 09/06/2017 17:29

nostingstoholdmedown - so where did I say I wouldn't have gone forward with Brexit - quote me please.

That's exactly what I would of done but would have looked for a version that would have alayed fears.

OP posts:
PhilODox · 09/06/2017 17:50

How? How exactly would you do that? Do you have any experience of government?
I am frankly baffled by your assertion.Confused

Theworldisfullofidiots · 09/06/2017 17:53

Do you know - I meant this as a thread to discuss aspects of leadership. I really should have known better - thank you for firmly putting me in my place.
One of the strengths of leadership is clearly putting your hands up and knowing that you've got something wrong.

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StealthPolarBear · 09/06/2017 17:53


ilovesooty · 09/06/2017 18:10

I'm no fan of Theresa May but I doubt if the number of members here who could cope with front line government reaches double figures.

PhilODox · 09/06/2017 18:26

Yes, theworldisfullofidiots...

ErrolTheDragon · 09/06/2017 18:56

Well, obviously any good MNer would have had AIBU threads to check the wisdom of policies beforehand. And TBH just the act of writing things down and considering the likely responses would have been helpful. 'AIBU to put fox hunting back on the agenda.... omg, I'll get unanimous YABUs, with a few queries about whether my policy advisors are setting me up....'

Theworldisfullofidiots · 10/06/2017 12:16

Obviously PhilODox

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