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To not know who is in power now?

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Crossoldwasp · 09/06/2017 14:52

So is Con/DUP a done deal now? I known TM saw the Queen and she gets "first dibs" on forming a coalition, but I can't make out whether this is now the ruling coalition or whether there is still time for JC to pip her to the post? Would Labour only get there chance if talks between the Tories and DUP break down...?

Sorry for the stupid questions - I have faith in the wise women of MN to clear things up for me!

OP posts:

PigletWasPoohsFriend · 09/06/2017 14:55

TM is the PM.

Yes JC could get a chwnce if it was to xollapse but it wouldnt work as he doesn't have the numbers. He wouldn't get anything through. The DUP would never vote with him.

If this was to collapse it will be another GE.


mygorgeousmilo · 09/06/2017 14:56

In theory, talks could break down, because their 'alliance' was decided in the middle of the night, TM may not be willing or able to meet their demands for votes. Although it seems that both sides desperately need each other, so I'm fairly(and sadly) sure that they'll come to some kind of agreement. There do seem to be some potential holes in it though, so until parliament convenes - things could possibly change. I can only bloody hope!


PigletWasPoohsFriend · 09/06/2017 14:56

*chance and collapse


NellieFiveBellies · 09/06/2017 14:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsTerryPratchett · 09/06/2017 15:00

For people who are better at maths and politics, JC wouldn't have the numbers with the LibDems and SNP, and Sinn Fein won't touch Westminster? Is that right?


DancingLedge · 09/06/2017 15:00

Well its a not-coalition between the strong and stable, and some extreme party that doesn't publicise it's policies on the mainland UK, so who knows what they are.
Clear now?
Good job we had an election to give a clear mandate, eh?


PigletWasPoohsFriend · 09/06/2017 15:02

MrsTerryPratchett Yes that's right.

Plus don't forget there are big differences in what the LibDems SNP and Labour think of Brexit amongst other things.

It would never work.


MrsTerryPratchett · 09/06/2017 15:06

Cheers Piglet. One would hope that there are differences between the DUP and the Tories but there aren't.


PigletWasPoohsFriend · 09/06/2017 15:13

The DUP tend to vote the same way as the Tories so it's not a big leap for the to have some sort of informal agreement.

The Tories bargaining tool with the DUP is that they will never vote with Corbyn due to his past 'associations'

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