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To feel on the brink of running away right now?

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ScouseBird8364 · 08/06/2017 19:12

I've now been a single mum for just under a year, but it seems to have only recently hit me, and damn hard too - my DC's are 9, 6 & 2...

I'm going through a patch of something, whether it be depression or the like, atm (yes, on meds) but I feel I can literally no longer cope and feel I am failing my kids Sad

My eldest 2 want me to spend time with them but my 2 year old is so unbelievably demanding right now, I hardly shower anymore I just don't have time, then just want to sleep whenever she is Sad

I guess I just need to know I'm not alone and if I am, then I'm a really shit mum SadSadSad

OP posts:

notanevilstepmother · 08/06/2017 19:18

You are not alone, and you are NOT a shit mum.

You may just be under the weather, every time I got a cold I got tired and was scared it was the depression coming back again. Or you might just be tired, 2 year olds are hard work.

Can the 9 year old look after the little ones for long enough for you to get a shower? It does make a difference if you can manage a shower, well it makes me feel better.

If it doesn't get better then maybe have a chat with your GP, they might need to adjust your dose?

Take care.


mummyrabbitpeppapig · 08/06/2017 19:20

Can you share a bath with 2 year old - or stick cbeebies on and grab a quick shower


RosyGold · 08/06/2017 20:08

I know what you're going through! I only have one 18 month old kid - so you're practically supermum to me lol! I am also SAHM but feel I can never achieve anything or get shit done. My girl is clingy AF so I have no choice but to get her in the bathroom with me - or I'd never bathe!! I strip her down so she can splash her hands in the water standing next to the bath and let her play with her bath toys while I quickly dunk and scrub myself Grin I often climb into my own bed at naptimes as she can be down for 2 hours during the day. Don't feel bad!! Being a mum is pure shite some days but you're doing it, and you'll keep on doing it - so don't be too hard on yourself!! Wine xxxx

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