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To ask what nice rainy day things you can do in Oxford?

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RangeTesKopeks · 07/06/2017 22:19

Hi everyone.

Just curious really - any ideas? I've already looked on the Internet for some ideas, but just wondering what you'd all recommend (especially if you know Oxford)?

Thanks! :)

OP posts:
OwlinaTree · 07/06/2017 22:21

Is the Pitt Rivers museum there? That's amazing!

DorothyL · 07/06/2017 22:21

Natural History/Pitt Rivers museum


Tour of Christ Church College

OwlinaTree · 07/06/2017 22:22
Palomb · 07/06/2017 22:23

The Pitt Rivers is absolutely wonderful.

funmummy48 · 07/06/2017 22:23

Pitt Rivers Museum, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Castle, Ice Skating, Bus Tour, Tea at Browns, Museum of Modern Art, The Story Museum.

Tournesol · 07/06/2017 22:24

The museums are amazing, Ashmoleon (also has gorgeous restaurant) and Pitt Rivers my faves.

Mooching around Covered Market also fun, plenty to see and nice places to eat.

If you like books Weston Library a brill space with great free exhibitions then trip to Blackwells for book buying fest.

maddiemookins16mum · 07/06/2017 22:25

Can you give more details (I was born in Oxford and lived within 10 miles for the first 30 years of my life, went to school there etc), but now live in Kent.

RangeTesKopeks · 07/06/2017 22:27

Thanks everyone! :)

Sure maddie - so I'm mainly looking for rainy day activities for this Saturday afternoon please (as it looks like it might rain :( )

It'll be for a group of 15 people (women, all around mid-twenties).

OP posts:
Jeffjefftyjeff · 07/06/2017 22:52

Slightly bizarre one : outdoor heated pool at hinksey. It's really big, sort of lagoon shaped. When it rains steam rises.and it's quiet.

liquidrevolution · 07/06/2017 22:54

ooh yes the hinksey pool is good. I recommend the pitt rivers museum follwed by food from the covered market and then onto one of the many cocktail bars.

Funkymonkey11 · 07/06/2017 23:27

Ah you're the Oxford hen party! You were going to go punting? I may be totally wrong. If its a hen party not sure they'll want a museum, maybe some shopping around Cornmarket st? Or ice skating is a good shout too.

Existential · 08/06/2017 06:56

Thirsty Meeples games café

You'll need to book ahead esp with a large group. The staff are games experts who can recommend games for you and tell you the rules so no faffing about. You can order snacks and drinks, and the sessions run to 2-3 hours so very relaxed. Taken here by an Oxford friend and our families had a really fun afternoon.

maddiemookins16mum · 08/06/2017 11:55

Check out The Old Fire Station
The Jam Factory
The Oxford Castle
Afternoon Tea at Browns restaurant or (my fave) The Old Parsonage
Jericho Comedy Club
Or jump on the S1 or S2 bus to Witney and go to the Cogges Farm Museum
The covered market is really interesting (for a while) to wonder through
The botanical gardens
Sorry, none of these sound very hen partyish (Browns will be, but booking is essential).

apacketofcrisps · 08/06/2017 12:25

If you're the hen party lady, let someone else decide! It'll be about time!

MargaretCavendish · 08/06/2017 12:43

You can punt in the rain - and it's actually pretty good fun! Just make sure you have some big umbrellas

MargaretCavendish · 08/06/2017 12:45

Also, it's a hen do - if the activity gets rained off just go and chill in the pub!

RubbishG3nericUsername · 08/06/2017 13:24

Hey! I'm an Oxford native, for a hen do you could look at bowling (about a 10 mins drive from the city centre, or regular buses) within the city centre the Ashmolean is beautiful and has a lovely rooftop bar and restaurant, which also does an afternoon tea service after 2pm. The varsity club also has a partially undercover rood Terrace with amazing views! Theres a cafe on the corner of George Street that's just started doing a bottomless prosecco brunch, or take an open top bus ride around a the city (might be worth a sitting down stairs though). In headington there is a company that does puzzle solving games, and afterwards take a trip to Jacobs and field for some food. Also just outside of the city centre is Hinksey pool which is amazing come rain or shine (and is a 10 mins walk from the city centre). Be at 1- is a cocktail bar that does cocktail making classes, and has an awesome happy hour. Jericho's a good shout for lovely food and cocktails too (try Freud's, the Duke of Cambridge or Raoul's). Summertown is also very beautiful and has some great resurant and independent boutique shops. Or how about a trip out to Woodstock to see beautiful Blenheim palace, or if you fancied going further afield then the train stops at bicester village for some designer retail therapy. Feel free to message me if you'd like any more suggestions!

29Palms · 08/06/2017 13:33

Most of the colleges open to visitors, although the opening times can be a bit hit and miss. Some are free, others charge but usually not extortionate.

Also recommend a quick visit to the Divinity School in the Bodleian to see its gorgeous ceiling, I think they only charge a quid to go in.

I wouldn't bother with shopping around Cornmarket, it's just the same dreary chain shops you find in any town. But yes to the Covered Market.

You might be able to blag your way into Christ Church without paying. The college chapel is actually Oxford Cathedral and as such, parishioners of the Diocese of Oxford (that's anywhere in Oxon, Berks & Bucks) are free to visit it. The cathedral also has a nice gift shop, so you could try going to the Tom Tower entrance and asking if you can go to the shop.

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