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Security in schools!

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MrsD79 · 07/06/2017 16:38

I knew something like today's incident would happen (at the nursery). So aibu to appriach the HT at my kids school to ask her strategy on security? IMO shes an approachable tunnel vision old bat!

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MrsD79 · 07/06/2017 16:39

Oh dear lord! *unapproachable**!!!!

OP posts:

lovelyupnorth · 07/06/2017 16:41

it happened in the street on the way... whats it got to do with the school.

as part of ofsted all schools have to have stupid access rules


EdithWeston · 07/06/2017 16:41

Nurseries and schools usually have written policies in just about everything you can think of, on website or supplied on request to parents.

Have you actually asked for relevant policies?

No need to bother the HT at this stage; office staff should be able to supply it, or just as at drop off/pick up.

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