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Opinions, please! Flowers or cash?

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Lovecat · 14/03/2007 09:37

Not sure this is the right place for this post, but it seems to be the part of the site where contentious things are raised, so...

My SIL has very kindly offered to have my dd for me tomorrow afternoon as I have to go to an all-day work thing and the OH is away in Paris on business (it was very short notice and the nursery can only have her til lunchtime).

Now, on the rare occasion this has happened in the past, I've bought her flowers and chocs as a thank you for helping me out, but she's just started Weightwatchers so I'm sure the chocs won't be appreciated!

She's a single parent and her vile ex is rubbish with maintenance, I know that things are a real struggle for her at times.

What I wanted to know was, do you think it would be appropriate of me to give her the cash value of what I'd normally spend on the flowers/choccies (about £30)? And if so, how do I go about doing it?

I don't want to appear patronising or rude, I think she'd probably much rather have the cash, but the last thing I want to do is offend her when she's doing me such a big favour...

Any thoughts?

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AnAngelWithin · 14/03/2007 09:39

maybe get her a voucher for boots or something. that way she can either treat herself or use it for practical stuff if money is tight for her?


bigcar · 14/03/2007 09:39

How about buying something for her kids?


fryalot · 14/03/2007 09:39

How about vouchers? You can get Tesco vouchers nowadays which may come in handy for her.... if you buy her a thank you card, put the vouchers inside and explain that you didn't want to buy her chocolates.


Mumpbump · 14/03/2007 09:40

I would say that you would normally have bought her some choccies, but since she's dieting, you thought you'd offer the cash instead. If she says no, then buy her some flowers.


greenday · 14/03/2007 09:42

I second vouchers. They're always so handy! Personally, I'd prefer to receive vouchers over flowers. Not in the mercenary sense, but just that they are so much more practical. I like the idea that I can keep the vouchers for a rainy day. I think too that giving vouchers to family members and close friends are OK and not offensive at all.


Cappuccino · 14/03/2007 09:44


if she's on WW she can eat it

not mangoes they are too sugary


Soapbox · 14/03/2007 09:45

I would buy her a subscription to WW magazine or a big basket full of WW goodies (I think you can get biscuits/breakfast bars etc) stuff that might keep her motivated on her diet but can't normally afford


Lovecat · 14/03/2007 09:48

Wow, thanks guys!

All great suggestions. Tescos is her nearest big shop, so vouchers from there or fruit/WW goodies are fab ideas!

Knew I could rely on you lot!

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