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to expect my DP to notice i have had my hair done?

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LilyLoo · 13/03/2007 14:54

After two hours sat in the hairdressers does he comment?
I like it anyway! [not bothered what you think emotion]

OP posts:

amynnixmum · 13/03/2007 14:55

It maybe better than the comment i got from my dh last time i had my hair done which was "Oh - it makes you look like the Lion from the Wizard of Oz"


IntergalacticWalrus · 13/03/2007 14:56

rofl at wizard of oz! That's the sort of thing my DP would come out with


CristinaTheAstonishing · 13/03/2007 14:57

Did you change size, shape, colour? Or just added a few highlighters, touched roots, that kind of thing?


damewashalot · 13/03/2007 14:59

Unreasonable? No

Unrealistic? Yes

He's a man!


Furball · 13/03/2007 15:35

my dh is the same - I find it quite amusing that I spend £30 a month on my hair and he doesn't even comment and last week I spent £70 on highlights and again no comment - funny thing is, I use his credit card to pay!


ScottishThistle · 13/03/2007 15:38

He's a man!

It took my Boyfriend 3yrs to realise I dyed my hair & it wasn't a natural gorgeous shimmery brunette!


Mossie · 13/03/2007 15:41

Depends what you've had done, and how often you'd do it yourself anyway. So if it's a cut and blow dry, and every day you do your hair slightly differently (so tied back some days, blow dried the others) then he probably won't realise.

But if you've had it cropped, or the colour changed, then yes I'd expect him to notice!


LilyLoo · 13/03/2007 16:10

Suppose i being little unfair then just highlights and a cut nothing dramatic. But he did know i was going so thought it merited some kind of comment!

OP posts:

Caligula · 13/03/2007 16:15



Mossie · 13/03/2007 16:19

Maybe he doesn't want to say anything because he is not sure what is the correct response? You could ask him what he thinks...


littleolwinedrinkerme · 13/03/2007 16:28

Well I came home from the hairdressers and DH had obviously been priming DD (5) to say something nice about my hair. She says very happily 'mummy your hair looks beautiful' having not taken her eyes off the telly for a second!


ElenyaTuesday · 13/03/2007 17:14

Conversation with dh when I returned from the hairdressers, after he failed to notice I had had my hair dyed!
Me: "Do you notice anything different?"
(BTW I know men are terrified of that question )
DH: "What?"
Me: "I've had my hair dyed."
DH (looking frantic): "Oh", slight pause, "What colour is it?"


Kelly1978 · 13/03/2007 17:16

you can borrow my dp if you want. He always comments - it's too shooorrrt!I don't like it!


LilyLoo · 13/03/2007 19:58

Feel much better picked up DS 5 from school he says ' mummy your hair looks nice ' there is hope for the DP'S, DH'S of the future!
DP just said ooh that's a straight parting!
Not sure whether that means he noticed or not?

OP posts:

tribpot · 13/03/2007 20:02

Surely standard behaviour. When I had inches lopped off my hair, my dh didn't even notice, one bloke at work said "you have had your hair cut" and that was basically as good as it got!

My mum likes to challenge my step-dad to name the colour of certain curtains, like those at the window above the kitchen sink. Now, my step-dad is a fully-paid-up member of the New Man Club, does nearly all the cooking and lots of the washing up too, and he has never been able to name the colour of any curtain in their house. They just don't see it.


TimeWarp00 · 10/11/2022 14:13

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