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To have the urge to spend £40 on a dress for a . . .

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expatinscotland · 12/03/2007 22:26

daughter's 4th birthday?


I saw it in a shop window by chance when a bus I was on broke down.

It's in her family's tartan.

But cut just right for her summer birthday.

She'd look so lovely in it.

With some little red shoes.

Oooo, the photos!

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 13/03/2007 21:54

It's even prettier in real life than in a window.

It has a bow in the back even. She's going to love that.

And I went and got a ribbon for her long, silky hair.

OP posts:
Tamum · 13/03/2007 21:55

Ah, lovely.

expatinscotland · 13/03/2007 21:55

Now I am assaulted by pangs of sibling guilt.

What can I get for DD2?

She already has a lovely Easter dress . . .

OP posts:
misdee · 13/03/2007 21:59

she will look stunning expat, we wil lwant to see pics!

MadameSleepsLessAndLess · 13/03/2007 21:59

expat where did you buy it? I would love a tartan dress for my dd for her 1st birthday to match her daddies kilt. I am in scotland this weekend(stirling&bo'ness) did you buy in edinburgh?

BassMama · 13/03/2007 22:02

expat - whats the shop?
It sounds gorgeous and i'd LOVE to buy it for my friends daughter for an easter ceilidh my friends are having..

suedonim · 13/03/2007 22:03

Aw, glad you bought it!

Not sure about the furry boots thing - maybe from people saying 'Furabouts are you from?'

expatinscotland · 13/03/2007 22:06

In the Cashmere Shop in the High Street as you head downhill towards the Canongate, past hotel but before The World's End pub. On the south side of the street.

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 13/03/2007 22:06

They have LOADS of tartan dresses for wee girls in stock just now.

OP posts:
fryalot · 13/03/2007 22:07
expatinscotland · 13/03/2007 22:09

My MIL found the other one in a shop in the Perthshire Highlands.

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 13/03/2007 22:11


The one time we went there - the first and last for DH - the proprietor of the B&B we booked lied and said we'd cancelled our reservation.

Left us in the road in November with a 16-month-old and no place to stay.

We'd taken the train up.

I managed to find us another place but en route to the tourist board DH was swearing and saying, 'I'm f*cked if I'll ever come to this place again.' 'I'm going back hame to Embra. This place is shite.' 'I told you this was a bad idea. These people are gits.'

He 'rabbited on' about it till he found out our hotel had a bar, a kebab shop across the street AND provided baby monitors so you could drink in the bar and still hear your 'bairn'.

OP posts:
MadameSleepsLessAndLess · 14/03/2007 07:58

Thanks Expat, The Cashmere SHop it is this weekend.

expatinscotland · 14/03/2007 09:12

It's 'Designs on Cashmere'. There's another cashmere shop a few doors up from it, but it's a lot smaller.

It has the tartan dresses in the window, that's how you'll know!

OP posts:
Waswondering · 14/03/2007 09:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland · 14/03/2007 14:16

No, it was p*&£ing rain the entire time we were there.

we hired a car and got out into the countryside .

OP posts:
Socci · 14/03/2007 14:19

Message withdrawn

hannahsaunt · 14/03/2007 14:34

Furry Boots and Aberdeen is an Ian Rankin thing: first time he came to Aberdeen, when he got into a taxi, the driver asked "Fur'aboots?" much to IR's confusion. It's a story he often tells at readings.

ivelostmyboobsboohoo · 14/03/2007 14:39

my dd whos 2 loves clothes (rather alarmingly its obv going to cost me a fortune, and when we are out with my mum she says 'i like this, wheres nanny?'. however its never my mum who ends up buying her things, its always me.

and i think you should buy the frock if you can afford it, why the hell not?!!1

expatinscotland · 14/03/2007 14:46


The hell away fae Aberdeen please !

OP posts:
suedonim · 14/03/2007 23:12

I must confess, I wouldn't want to live in Aberdeen itself. I couldn't stand the haar. We're about 20 miles inland and the number of times we've left home in a blaze of sun, only to be greeted by a gloomy, windy Aberdeen. We don't refer to it as Scaberdeen for nothing, you know!

Backthennnnnn · 11/11/2022 21:12

This reply has been deleted

This has been deleted by MNHQ for breaking our Talk Guidelines.

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