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in being very angry with Mamas and Papas "flagship store"?

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bellabelly · 11/03/2007 19:53

So, for a treat, took ourselves off this afternoon to new flagship store on Regent Sreet - excited to have a look at some of the things we'll need to be buying before the twins arrive in August.

There were only TWO twin buggies to try out in the whole shop. Almost EVERYTHING v expensive - eg, cots £595 not including mattress or bedding . (We asked if we'd get a discount for buying 2 but assistant told us no...) Went to their cafe to sit down and recover with cake and a hot drink. My hot chocolate was cold - had to ask waiter to warm it up. DH's pain chocolat totally hard and stale (he was allowed to swap it for a croissant when he complained). Two drinks and two pastries cost us £12!!!

On way, DH suggested taking catalogue. We picked one up then noticed £1 charge written on front cover. Decided to forget it and put it back. Assistant asks if all ok and I mention not impressed with having to pay for catalogue. She replies "Oh but it goes to charity" as if I'M being awful scrooge not wishing to pay!!!

A I being unreasonable? Was so excited to be going there but have come away DETERMINED not to buy anything from there EVER!

OP posts:

WelshBoris · 11/03/2007 19:55

Yes you are unreasonable, buy a Phil and Ted like every other fecker on here



Socci · 11/03/2007 20:11

Message withdrawn


Kbear · 11/03/2007 20:13

M&P overpriced and overrated IMO - I would take my business elsewhere!

congrats on the twins by the way!

I have a friend with a mountain buggy twin urban for sale with all the trimmings if you're interested!! She's in Essex!


FrannyandZooey · 11/03/2007 20:13

I have always thought Mamas and Papas was poncey over priced crappy "designer" stuff. Not even very nice.


FrannyandZooey · 11/03/2007 20:14

Has this really made you "very angry", btw?

May I suggest some form of relaxation therapy for you?


Socci · 11/03/2007 20:15

Message withdrawn


milge · 11/03/2007 20:16

Sounds about right for a branded childrens company. go to a local independent nursery store and you should get 10% off at least - ours gave us 15% off as we bought 2 of everything and spent over £1000.


foxinsocks · 11/03/2007 20:16


I love it when pregnant people get angry

I'm not the most patient person alive, but I could have started a fight with the Pope when I was pregnant.

Bella - see it as a warning and don't buy from them.


FlossALump · 11/03/2007 20:18

The food sounds awful. I go and look in there only really to make sure I'm not missing anything I can't get elsewhere. So far, for my budget, I've found I'm not!


MrsBadger · 11/03/2007 20:19

Next time go to John Lewis
The coffee's no cheaper but the service is much better and at least they stock more than one brand.


Socci · 11/03/2007 20:20

Message withdrawn


Ceolas · 11/03/2007 20:20

Oh yes JL cafe lovely, but the selection in Glasgow is poor.

Sounds pants, bellabelly.


Socci · 11/03/2007 20:21

Message withdrawn


hunkerkerplunker · 11/03/2007 20:23

I really don't like M&P stuff.


Socci · 11/03/2007 20:23

Message withdrawn


Clayhead · 11/03/2007 20:25

None of the M&P stuff I've had has been worth what I paid for it.

Have found fantastic for all kinds of stuff though.


FrannyandZooey · 11/03/2007 20:25

Yes! The greyness! As if wanting to have something in a pretty colour is just so......vulgar


Ceolas · 11/03/2007 20:26

Every second pram you see around here is M&P. So common...


snowleopard · 11/03/2007 20:29

It's an annoying shop, not enough stock, overpriced, woefully non-colourful and up itself. They have the odd interesting item and I have bought DS clothes in the sale - that's it. And you're pg and easily wound up (I remember when pg I used to especially lose it when things went wrong when I'd been looking forward to them, as in this case). Have another treat and go for a day out at IKEA where you can eye up a load of cheapo funky stuff and go to a much cheaper (but still nice) cafe - and for things you want to be top-qual, eg cot mattresses, John Lewis.


MrsBadger · 11/03/2007 20:29

not even 'in a pretty colour'... just 'in a colour'

Am loving the new colours Maclaren are doing - so non-schemed (you know, navy/stone, navy/aqua, black/red) as well


edam · 11/03/2007 20:32

If I'm thinking of the right firm, then M&P charge very high prices yet pay their staff minimum wage. So I don't shop there.


Ceolas · 11/03/2007 20:34

But have you seen their new Afternoon Tea fabric?


MrsBadger · 11/03/2007 20:36

oh vom

Cath Kidston wannabes


Socci · 11/03/2007 20:36

Message withdrawn


franca70 · 11/03/2007 20:38

yes, Ikea cots are the best (and the bed linen is fab). mamas and papas is boring. but can't stand mac laren as well, don't know why.

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