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to be totally f***ed off with a***hole ebay bidders?!!

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skirmish · 07/03/2007 15:49

why would you be an arse and put a bid in for £609 when the bid before was for £72?!! obviously somekind of, what do i do?! i'd be happy with the £72, but he's f*ked up the whole auction now, and i could have got more!!

i am so fuming!

1st time selling something on ebay


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mumto3girls · 07/03/2007 15:52

I think you can delete bids....try ebay help searching for cancelling bids..I've had my cancelled (on request) once. HTH


skirmish · 07/03/2007 15:52

HELP...what is a second chance offer?

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chipmonkey · 07/03/2007 15:54

What is your item worth, skirmish? Obviously he has committed to pay for the item after placing the bid, have you tried to contact this bidder?


chipmonkey · 07/03/2007 15:55

Is a second chance offer where you offer the next bidder down the chance to buy your item?


VioletBaudelaire · 07/03/2007 15:55

if the auction hasn't finished then you can cancel their bid.
go to 'community' at the top of the ebay screen, then into the seller area.
you can also search on 'cancelling a bid'.
copy and paste the auction number before you go and cancel it, as you'll need it when you get there.


skirmish · 07/03/2007 15:56

its only a mobile phone...and he has committed to paying £ if...have had loads of dodgy requests so figured its some kind of scam...and don't see the point in emailing/requesting payment

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skirmish · 07/03/2007 16:01

auction has i send an invoice and then when he doesn't pay (obviously, he's in USA and never contacted about postage etc), just list it again, or is there someway i can contact 2nd highest bidder? has this happened to anyone or just shitty 1st timer luck?!

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kslatts · 07/03/2007 16:02

Do you think he may of mistyped the figure?


chipmonkey · 07/03/2007 16:07

I think that's probably what you have to do, skirmish. It does seem an odd thing for a bidder to do, though. I'm email him first and ask if it's a mistake.


skirmish · 07/03/2007 16:07

no...think its some kind of scam as checked history and the one before it wa 699.00

i'm so mad!

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skirmish · 07/03/2007 16:08

thanks for the help...just another reason to wonder why people are shitbags...

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helenhismadwife · 07/03/2007 19:04

thats awful skirmish there are unfortunately some real arseholes on ebay, I would report this to ebay not sure they will do much about it but it may help you avoid negative feedback. report it as auction interference because that is what it is and then do a second chance offer to the next person

Hope your next experience is better


skirmish · 07/03/2007 19:56

thanks helen...thankfully ebay picked up on it as unautharised bidders or some such and the bids were just pisses me off as, as this will sound greedy, but if they hadn't stuck their stupid bids in, perhaps i would have got more bids and thus more money ...

gggrrr...i'm still so annoyed....

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tinkerbellie · 07/03/2007 20:10

it was prob a nigerian bidder not sure why but they seem to bid on stuff esp electracal stuff or mobile phones up to ridiculous prices

i put a broken nokia phone on once hoping to get £5 and someone bid £60!!!!

was really chuffed butthen obv they didn't pay wanted me to send it to nigeria, am not sure what they get out of it would be interested to know though

ebay will give you your listing cost back so you can relist the item if you report it item unpaid andthe bidder should get into trouble... although if you ask me they shouldhave to pay whatever the final amount was

sorry makes me


tinkerbellie · 07/03/2007 20:11

ooh sorry yes you can offer it to the next highest bidder, but they donlt have to accept they have somehting like 2 days to think about it


skirmish · 07/03/2007 20:21

it was an american bidder...but i had all those emails from nigreria too...if you want to give me £720 for my old sony phone, then fine...but why not go and buy your own you stupid f**ker!!!

glad i got that off my chest

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helenhismadwife · 07/03/2007 21:35

did you find some wine?


skirmish · 07/03/2007 21:36

found the bottle

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natric01 · 07/03/2007 21:41

what is the number - get someone to bid up and make the a*hole pay more.


madamez · 07/03/2007 23:33

Erm, would sort of advice, actually, giving the buyer a chance to pay before going medieaval up said buyers botty. I have sold a few items that had what I considered insanely high bids, but the buyers paid up without complaining. (OK, this was a matter of vintage comics/collectibles but the buyer bit about 60 quid for something I would have been pleasantly surprised, ish, to sell for a fiver). When the auction ends, wait for the buyer to pay and if they don't ,complain to Ebay and get their account cancelled.


natric01 · 07/03/2007 23:37

I use ebay a lot and have never had any problems with bidders never had over high bids for my items but I gone over the top and paid above the odds for items I was bidding on n the heat of the moment but always paid what I promised. Only twice have I had to reclaim monies via paypal as the goods never arrived.


helenhismadwife · 08/03/2007 07:51

skirmish glad you found the bottle was going to offer to send you a cheeky little red to dull the pain and anguish all this has caused you!!

madame the whole point of this thread is that someone has interfered with an auction nobody is going to pay £609 for a second hand mobile phone,(unless skirmish is someone very famous and leaving her numbers in!!) the bid was placed to interfer with the auction and therefore should be reported to ebay

there is a differnce between a genuine bid, a genuine mistake and an arse, and this one definately falls into the arse category and thats from someone who has sold loads on ebay


Flossam · 08/03/2007 08:00

The Nigerian thing is a money laundering tactic. Not sure how it works but avoid at all costs. I'd be very unsure about the bid you got TBH - give the person a chance maybe but everything needs to be done how you want it to be done. Pay via paypal or cashed cheque etc and send via royal mail not DHL or whatever it is.

If it is a scam, email ebay and you can get the item re listed for free - place a note clearly on the auction that this is for UK buyers only, to be posted on within the UK - and no bidders with 0 or negative feedback to bid without contact first. Any such bids will be removed. Sounds harsh but over the years Dp and I have sold a few phones and found this is the only way to try and stop the scammers. Good luck.


Lovecat · 08/03/2007 09:29

The scam works like this - they send you a cheque for the goods which is massively over the price you were expecting (sometimes they even then ask you to refund them back the difference!), then they dishonour the cheque once the goods are posted - apparently the Nigerian banking system is slightly more elastic than ours and it can take up to a month for a cheque to clear, allowing this type of scam to work.

When I sold my dressage saddle on a horse website, I had a flood of offers from Africa asking if they could do this - it's pretty notorious, I'm afraid (quite what they were going to do with the saddle is beyond me, but hey....)


TOSOTD · 11/11/2022 18:58

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