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in not wanting ds to have a "cars disney" duvet cover?

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brimfull · 02/03/2007 12:03

shall I give in as 'tis only a bloody duvet ,or stick to my plain taste ?

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foxtrot · 02/03/2007 12:04

Give in, it's only a duvet, not wallpaper
(and they have them in Matalan at the moment)


brimfull · 02/03/2007 12:05

I know that's why am asking,he'd love one,but haven't mentioned them .He has plain white at moment.

OP posts:

MeMyselfI · 02/03/2007 12:06

It's only a bloody duvet.

Your plain taste is not his, and it will be in his room, not yours.

Go on ... let him chose what he wants.


DimpledThighs · 02/03/2007 12:07

Well my dd wanted some hideous disney princess duvet cover and I found a nice plain pink one with a fairy embroidered on the middle which I bought instead and she was thrilled with it and it looks SO much better.

The thing about a duvet cover is that it is big and leaps out and screams "disney cars" at you every time you go in the room.

I would try and divert rather than refuse (but this is the woman who gave into a tweenies bedcover in the end.)


kittylette · 02/03/2007 12:07

why not??


DimpledThighs · 02/03/2007 12:08

for example...


foxtrot · 02/03/2007 12:11

My had (and still have every other week) 'tasteful' but father xmas brought a character one each and they were soooo excited, and love snuggling down with their heads on Belle/Thomas etc.


bigknickersbigknockers · 02/03/2007 12:12

How much are the Disney cars duvets in matalan... my DS would love one


foxtrot · 02/03/2007 12:13

Not sure, they were advertised in a leaflet but it just said 'disney duvet covers FROM £12'


kslatts · 02/03/2007 12:15

I would let hime have it. Why not? his room has to be somewhere he enjoys spending time.


Hulababy · 02/03/2007 12:16

DD has a Disney sleeping beauty duvet cover, and her bedroom has princess stick ons and art squares, and she has other non-Disney, but pink princess accessories - oh and pink walls.

I figure that it is DD's bedroom - the one place that is how she wants it (within some reason) - but at enf the day it is onyly paint and replaceable items, and nothing majorly expensive. If she can't have it at age 4, then when can she?! She's a liitle girl - and her bedroom is loved by her, and all her little friends too!


sauce · 02/03/2007 12:18

ohhh, love that next stuff. Too bad they don't deliver outside the UK.


bigknickersbigknockers · 02/03/2007 12:19

Cars duvets are £17.99 in argos so could be worth popping to matalan


exbury · 02/03/2007 12:20

Plain white is a bit too tasteful for kids rooms, IMO. I did hold out on principle against Disney branding (says the woman steeling herself to spend a fortune going to Disney World this summer - can't wait ) but got him a non-branded space themed one as that was what he wanted most (well most after the football one which I also rejected!!)


foxtrot · 02/03/2007 12:20

Matalan - from £12 AND BOGOF !


fennel · 02/03/2007 12:23

I persuaded my 5yo away from a Disney theme by subjecting her to a treatise on large corporations and globalisation. We have compromised on non-disney - I found some good websites with a range of children's bedding which wasn't Disney and she was perfectly happy to have one of those instead (try looking via Ebay). it's her taste but not Disney, so we are both happy.


welliemum · 02/03/2007 12:25

I'm all for children having fun choosing duvet covers, but Disney is eviiiiiiil.

When every child wants the same thing, it's not choice, it's just clever marketing.


Blu · 02/03/2007 12:26

I swore to myself that we would not have any hideous themed duvet covers...but DS went off with DP to buy a new duvet cover when he extended his bed.
So now he has a cars cover, and it is eye-stabbingly horrible. It makes his whole room look even worse. If you can resist you are a better woman than I - I wish you luck.

It's made from cheap stiff polyester, too. Feels horrid - I can't imagine why Ds wants to sleep under it.


Blu · 02/03/2007 12:27

Fennel - actually that would work with DS. I will remind them of that next time they go shopping.


oxocube · 02/03/2007 12:32

He'll love it! We have Simpsons and some hideous stars and planets thing that my mum bought for the boys but they love them. It their room, after all.


brimfull · 02/03/2007 12:33

blu-you've put me off, this one is much nice but so expensive

OP posts:

TrinityRhino · 02/03/2007 12:36

Is everything in your house matching and white or off white?


Blu · 02/03/2007 12:39

How old is he, ggirl? Sainsbury's had some excellent 100% cotton covers, mainly plain but with a discreet pirate applique design on them.


brimfull · 02/03/2007 12:41

lol trinity,no I have really colourful house with manily cream walls,it's just that he's got the only single duvet in the house that used to be dd's and it's white with girly embroidery on it.

He's 4.5

OP posts:

brimfull · 02/03/2007 12:42

will divert to sainsburys then blu.thanks

OP posts:
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