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to be miffed with my sister

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jampot · 02/03/2007 09:39

We were both hoping to get tickets to see Take That at NEC. We both started phoning before 9am and on internet sites ticketmaster and necgroup. Ive just sent her a text to ask if she's got through yet and she said "Simon booked mine online through see but I think Bham is now sold out"

OP posts:

Aloveheart · 02/03/2007 09:40

Could she of not booked your tickets at the same time?? I would be miffed to jampots.


ScummyMummy · 02/03/2007 09:40

I'd be miffed. Why didn't she book yours while she was there? Meanie.


mistressmiggins · 02/03/2007 09:41

too right!!

my brother & I were both going on this morning & no question we were both buying tickets cos could always sell them if both got through

as it happens, he managed to buy them b4 I got home from school run so I had no need

for you - selfish sister


MamaGee · 02/03/2007 09:44

thats just mean jampot - why didn't he just buy yours at teh same tiem?


Greensleeves · 02/03/2007 09:51

at a grown woman behaving like this!

I mean - going to see a boy band?!?!??


Bumpbumpbunp · 08/11/2022 19:32

This reply has been deleted

This has been deleted by MNHQ for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Previously banned poster.

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