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that i'm really F****** angry ....

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Nip · 28/02/2007 14:39

my dad helped my nan out to buy her a car about 5 years ago. The car was only a cheapy and unfortunately a few months ago it died.... so my dad offered again and helped to buy another car, nothing special, but great from getting from A to B..... Well i've just found out that this morning some little SHITE has stole it!!!

I am SO cross - why would you want to steal a little car like this - its an old lady FFS....

Ohh sorry everyone, it just really pee's me off!!!

I really wish i was able to help her our

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twelveyeargap · 28/02/2007 14:43

They nick them because they're easy to get into and start. It's so mean.

My friend had her 10 yr old Golf nicked, with her DD's car seat and travel cot in it.

It's now turned up, but has been involved in a violent crime so the police won't release it, nor can she claim insurance on it.

You're poor nan though.


TeeCee · 28/02/2007 14:46

Of course it's not unreasonable to be angry.


dionnelorraine · 28/02/2007 15:21

Last june i had my little blue fiesta stolen. it was a J reg and had a different colour bonnet. But reliable and I loved him. 3 boys aged 14, 15, 16 stole it right outside my house!! Polive cars and a helicopter chased these little buggers for miles until they finally crashed it. (badly) (me and dh were nicely tucked up and fast asleep, completely unaware at this time!) Unfortunatly the 3 boys didnt have a scratch! They stole our brand new baby car seat and we never found what happened to it. Well as you can guess they got a slapped wrist!
I completely understand how pissed off you are!


WayBackWhen07 · 09/11/2022 14:49

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