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Yes, they are real glasses!!

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bigcar · 27/02/2007 11:51

My dd3 at 10 months has been wearing glasses for 3/4 months now, so im quite used to the "are they real" questions, although why a baby would want to wear toy glasses is beyond me. But today, im not quite sure i heard right. Just walking into asda when an older lady comes squeeling over "oooh, look at those babies sunglasses arent they sweet, theyre toy ones arent they dear?", i gave my usual reply about her being very short sighted etc etc. She went on to say "well at least its not a deformity", at which point my jaw hit the floor with a resounding THUD and she walked away! jhgdyu sgask ksb !(£(%£%£!

OP posts:
Aloha · 27/02/2007 11:53

I'm actually laughing because that is so awful. Mad old bint!

berolina · 27/02/2007 12:00

My friend's 18mo has glasses (he has DS and is pretty small, more like a 1yo iyswim). They look so incredibly sweet on him.

damewashalot · 27/02/2007 12:01

Some people are just barking mad

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