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Had a meal, just got home and mate has exploded on the loo, tummy cramps etc.....(sorry if TMI).

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MagicalMay · 26/02/2007 21:30

Had a realy crap meal, I could not even eat mine. Just got home and my friend has exploded on the loo, tummy cramps etc.....
I called the Pub to complain, Got a stropy man on the phone that was ment to be the manager (did not introduce himself or give name) I said what had happened and he said he had cooked all the food tonight and nothing is wrong with any of it at all! Well i know for sure that there is - shes only eaten toast today so i know its the food.
He was rude and basicly said i was making it up. Cant i report the pub somewhere?
Oh and they had wanted signs up for a head chef and ass chef........ Only saw them as we left, otherwise i could not have eaten there.

OP posts:
Aimsmum · 26/02/2007 21:33

Message withdrawn

lulumama · 26/02/2007 21:34

you'll need a poo sample for environmental health ASAP !

eidsvold · 26/02/2007 21:36

get a sample, go and see GP in morning and take said sample along.

I got a nasty bout of food poisoning and by the time I had gotten to the GP - nothing left in me to test. I originally thought I had a bug BUT no one else had it so was something I ate.

MagicalMay · 26/02/2007 23:49

She was on the loo about 9ish but has not been back on their yet. She has not eaten anything since either. Im hoping in 1 way she will have 1 more poo so she can get a sample, but on the other hand i want her to be as right as rain when she wakes up in the morning.
She has just left to go home - I told her she must get a sample when she goes again. Oh and also told her my mum always says not to eat dairy when your ill like that.

OP posts:
theUrbanDryad · 27/02/2007 08:55

sorry, but i had to giggle at "ass manager".....

hope your mate feels better soon....

ItsAllComingBackToMeNoww · 08/11/2022 20:05

This reply has been deleted

This has been deleted by MNHQ for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Previously banned troll.

Mittens1717 · 08/11/2022 20:24

Did you manage to get that sample OP? 😆

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