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at getting cheesed off with dh for leaving the MOT to the last minute?

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anonanon · 24/02/2007 12:01

Ive changed my name as i don't wawnt to appear petty and just want a bit of a rant. It is the last dayof the mot on the car today and I told dh weeks ago about this, so he had plenty of time to get the car into a garage. he ahs been working away from home a lot over the past couple of weeks, I understand he is busy, but he agreed to do the Mot and sort out the car tax which runs out this month. luckily we can get the car taxed today as there is one day left on the mot certificate, but I had told him that I needed the car today - he decides at 10.30 to try and ring a garage to see if they can fit it in before I need to use it, of course they cant.
all i wanted was for him to take responsibility for one thing, i have sorted out childcare this half term, have sorted out booking the holiday we are going on in a couple of weeks, getting euros, travel insurance, it is ds's birthday next month and i will sort the party ... sigh.
I know he works hard but i work as well. if he wasn't going to be able to get the car mot'd then he should have said to me in plenty of time before it ran out, and i could have done it, just ASK!!! we then had a huge row as he wanted me to get it sorted monday or tuesday next week, but i am digging my heels in, why not ask me before it EXPIRED!
sorry for the long boring monolgue if you have go this far, but I feel better now.

OP posts:
charliecat · 24/02/2007 12:03

Rant away...your not being unreasonable at all.
Are you going to be inconvienenced by the lack of a car till its done?

anonanon · 24/02/2007 12:24

thanks charliecat, luckily i walk ds to school and walk to work, but i might need it a coupel of evenings next week, so i will be driving illegally, but i'm not rushing around before and after work getting it mot'd, he can book it into the garage for next weekend!

OP posts:
charliecat · 24/02/2007 14:50

Can he not take the day off work and get it done sooner. You would really regret it it somethign happened while you were unisured etc..

SueW · 24/02/2007 14:53

Is it really worth driving illegally and the potential consequences rather than one of you backing down from your stubborn position and getting it sorted on Monday?

Tortington · 24/02/2007 14:56

it does sound petty but i know exactly where you are coming from. with us it's not the car but other things.

He lost the key for the door. its not a problem. except that we have builders coming on the 7th march. we have to plan our monthly wages therefore we bought kids birthday presents - a locksmith just might not be doable. I phoned the house insurance - yes we are covered but we have to pay the access. told him this " i'll find it" says he. knowing he's full of shit i made it clear that I won't be taking any time off work when HE suddenly realises on the 6th that there is no fucking KEY.

arsewipe shit fucker.

Ladymuck · 24/02/2007 15:23

I didn't realise that you could get your car taxed if the MOT runs out prior to the start date? I'm always in a bit of a scrabble for that, so that is good to know.

Freckle · 24/02/2007 15:35

ACtually, I don't think you can get the car taxed with only one day left to run on your MOT. Presumably your tax runs out at the end of this month, so the new tax will run from 1st March. To get the tax, your MOT certificate must be valid for the day the tax starts. So if it runs out today, it will not be valid on 1st March - so no tax. Same is true of insurance certificate. I know, because I tried to get tax on a soon-to-run-out MOT and was refused.

Does that make your dh's omission worse??

anonanon · 24/02/2007 19:15

Ladymuck - Freckle is bloody bloody right (not swearing at you, Freckle!) when i started this thread DH was on his way to the post office, but when he came back looking very sheepish with no car tax, he apologised and said it was his fault (small gloat!).

SUEw, i know what you mean, but if I didn't havve time against me with work and taking ds to/from school, I would do it (it would have been ideal last week as he was with a childminder in halfterm). DH has Wednesday morning off (last day of the month) and will get it sorted then (just hope the car doesn't fail the mot now ... sods law.)

Custy , am for you, don't get me started on lost keys/wallet/mobile phone!

OP posts:
SueW · 24/02/2007 19:22

I do know how you feel - my husband and I have had many similar istuations over the years - like custy ours isn't the the car (I do all that - we only have one car and it is mine except for this week when it needs £1500 spending on it then it's ours but it's registered to me so ultimately everything connected to it comes back on me anyway) but lots of other things. I feel resentful because I deal with everything and all he has to do is go to work and ensure he gets paid. And just lately, getting paid for work done is not happening and guess who's stressing about the overdraft building up?

ThrowbackToWhen · 04/09/2023 13:03

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