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To expect them to do the loft installation when I am available?

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LoveMyGirls · 21/02/2007 11:47

Trivial to some but major pita as far as i'm concerned, we already live in an oven and don't need more instalation (stuff!) but its a housing association house so we have to co-operate.

Which means us clearing out the loft before the work is carried out then putting it all back afterwards but the company that are doing wont let us book a convienient day, dont work weekends and are only going to give us a weeks notice.

So they were due to come today which i forgot about until yesterday as we had been ill for the past week and are still not great now and the kids had d&v at the weekend so i rang and cancelled.

I'm a childminder so it means unless i cancel a days work which i cant afford to do as im really badly into my overdraught and because of sickness i've lost £120 as it is we will have to put everything from the attic into our bedroom as i need the rest of the house for my business. (i know i should be grateful HA allow me to run a business but if they didn't they wouldn't get their rent money.. swings n roundabouts n all that)

Its a nightmare i don't even want the work done fgs.

So am i being unreasonable?

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foxtrot · 21/02/2007 11:55

Assume you mean insulation? A week's notice would be ok IMO - it's not as if you are only getting one weeks warning, i mean you know it's going to happen at some time in the near future. Agree it is a PITA for your work though. Will they finish in one day?

Look on it as an opportunity to have a big clearout?


LoveMyGirls · 21/02/2007 11:58

We had a big clear out last year when they said they were coming - then 2 weeks ago i did a spring clean and shoved 30 odd bags of stuff i want to keep but have no room for in this tiny shoebox of a house but will have room for when we move in the next couple of years.

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LoveMyGirls · 21/02/2007 11:58

insulation - oops

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foxtrot · 21/02/2007 11:59

Nightmare - still at least it is all bagged up and eay to move. I was just reading the trolley thread - am i tempted? No, i fear i will be mistaken for an old granny especially when my roots need retouching


LoveMyGirls · 21/02/2007 12:06

Who cares what people think if it saves your back - i was the only one who took a trolley to the festivals (i mean quite a big trolley i borrowed off my dad i might add though) and they werent laughing quite so loud when we got half way down the dirt track and i was pulling my trolley and they were half killing themselves, they ended up throwing their stuff on my trolley and pulling it for me - who was laughing then?

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Tortington · 21/02/2007 13:41

usually the contractor/or HA would write advising you that they were going to do this giving you plenty of notice - but maybe not a definate date. I would then expect either of them to ring and ask for a convenient time, noting that working people - itsnever convenient and we have to take days off - or hand over the keys. ( i'm hving my bathroom done soon) the house isn't yours. so you can't opt out. therefore arranging a convenient date within a set timescale doesn't seem unreasonable. and a weeks formal notice does seem a little short.


LoveMyGirls · 21/02/2007 13:55

Thanks custy, i just don't get why i can't say ok come on the 19th march and it will be ready for you. means i get more notice etc and as i need my house to work i cant really go out and leave them the keys not that i would do that anyway tbh.

OP posts:

Tortington · 21/02/2007 15:01

if its art of a planned programme of works to all your landlords properties this may be why they are being arsey. if your property is part of many within the same area it would make financial sense to them. however if it isn't i don't see what their problem is in trying to accomodate you


hairymclary · 21/02/2007 15:07

council and housing associations can be arses.
when they did my mum's double glazing they just worked along the road so she didn't know when they'd be coming.
she had to leave them there doing it when she went to work too


MamaGod · 21/02/2007 21:34



crustonbread · 08/09/2022 14:40

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